A Christian Crisis

  As a Christian in the great United States of America, I see an alarming crisis that we are facing.  As a group, we are not passing on our beliefs to our children and the generations that are behind us are mostly godless.     As Christian mothers (and fathers too, but since I don’t … More A Christian Crisis


Ladies, I am going to very honest in the post.  I am making myself vulnerable to my short comings because I have a heart for the Lord and that heart also aches to encourage you!   I recently talked to a friend and I made a comment that my upstairs looked like a clothing store … More Struggles


It has been quite a while since I have posted so I thought I would just pop in for a quick post (it’s my blog, I can do that – LOL). Anyway, my time has been spent *trying* to get my house back in order (for the umpteenth time) and spending time with my precious … More Time

Blessed by Sorrow

We each walk a different path and we are each shaped by our past experiences.  Each of us has experienced some sort of tragedy or heartache in our lives but it is often what we take from it that makes the most impact on how we live.   Some folks choose to live with bitterness … More Blessed by Sorrow


Stacy McDonald has a post up about homeschooling.  She says everything that we believe- but in a much better (and certainly more concise way). I truly enjoy homeschooling my childrern.  I really love (at least most days – LOL)  that that I have ALL of my children at home with me during the day.  There … More Homeschooling

Mmmmmm Butter!

I recently stared reading through Nourishing Traditions.  Wow, this book is packed with so much info.  I actually balked at the price when I first saw it, but it is well worth the money (this nutrition/cookbook is MASSIVE!).  [I did see on BAMM.com that you can get this book for $15.75 ($17.50 if you are … More Mmmmmm Butter!

Are They All Yours?

I long for the day when someone asks me “Are they all yours?” in referring to my children.  I would smile sweetly and with a hint of humor in my voice seriously reply, “Oh, No!  They are my husbands too ;o)”   Those of us with more than “2 point 4” children must be prepared … More Are They All Yours?