Ladies, I am going to very honest in the post.  I am making myself vulnerable to my short comings because I have a heart for the Lord and that heart also aches to encourage you!   I recently talked to a friend and I made a comment that my upstairs looked like a clothing store … More Struggles

Blessed by Sorrow

We each walk a different path and we are each shaped by our past experiences.  Each of us has experienced some sort of tragedy or heartache in our lives but it is often what we take from it that makes the most impact on how we live.   Some folks choose to live with bitterness … More Blessed by Sorrow

Looking Inward

  I have been in a bit of a slump lately… well, I think I have been since the summer.  It is not a good place to be.  When things get to me, I tend to be a “stuffer”.  I just keep stuffing it and stuffing it until I have the time or the “want-to” … More Looking Inward

The Journey to Egypt

  Last night after finishing my daily Bible reading, I was a bit puzzled by 3 verses.  They seemed to be out of place and I don’t think that these verses ever stood out to me before.  I decided to investigate these verses a bit more and ended up reading about a dozen different commentaries to … More The Journey to Egypt

The 11th Hour

I am quite stubborn it seems and the Lord has soooo much to teach me… but maybe I am learning a little (or at least I am THIS time). This summer, for the first time in five years, I made a conscience decision to be unsubmissive to a decision that my dh had made (NOTE: … More The 11th Hour

Praise Him

No matter how big or how small the trial is that I am going through, I must remember to PRAISE HIM. He is God.  He Loves us more than we can imagine.  He knows what tomorrow will bring even though we don’t know what will come with our next breath (or even if there will … More Praise Him