Off to the races

Well, this morning we were off to the races… the Awana Derby Race, that is! Chloe had a super cute car… it looked like a pencil!!! And..****drumroll please***** my wonderful daughter placed…… okay, she didn’t place at all… but she had a fabulous time (LOL). Actually, we all had a good time. It was wonderful … More Off to the races

Not so bad day

Just a quick update… my day was ‘not too bad’. We had a vacation day for homeschool and I was able to do some pleasure reading (and a load of laundry – lol). Chad got off work a little early and we went to the cemetery to put Grant’s flowers on his grave. We will … More Not so bad day

Braggin’ Rights

Yes, I am a proud momma… and, well, I should be (lol). I just wanted to brag on my dear sweet Chloe. Last Saturday night, the Bible Quiz Teams at our church had a Quote-A-Thon for all the quizzers (grades 3-12). The kids were quoting so many verses that they didn’t get finished on Saturday … More Braggin’ Rights

Gifts for the Kiddos

[img align=left][/img]I have been trying finish up my Christmas shopping. I still have several gifts to buy but we only have one left to get for one of our kids. Since we only buy three gifts for each child ([url=]click here to find out why[/url]), then we REALLY have to put a lot of thought … More Gifts for the Kiddos

Christmas Pictures

There is always so much to do in November and December (and well, October is just as crazy for our family too). One thing that we (try) to do every year is have a family picture taken before Christmas. We normally try to have our portrait taken in November or December each year, however, last … More Christmas Pictures

How Many Lines Did I See?

[img align=right][/img]It seems like everyone I know these days is pregnant. Yep, everyone is seeing two lines – except me and I still just see one. No June-bug for us. We already have a July baby, so maybe the next one will be an August 07 baby. (It is our joke that we will have … More How Many Lines Did I See?

Getting Ready for Sunday

Here is a great post by [url=]Mrs. R[/url] on getting ready for Sunday. She gives lots of tips to remember for Saturday night but makes that point that you really need to start getting ready for Sunday on Monday. Take a quick look, you will be glad you did: [url=]Preparing Your Heart and Home for … More Getting Ready for Sunday

Keeper of the Home: Part 2 – Building Your Relationship with the Lord

Last week we worked on setting goals. How did you do? Do you feel like you have a plan that you can work towards each day? This was the first step, but the next step is even more important. We will be talking about building your relationship with the Lord in this part of the … More Keeper of the Home: Part 2 – Building Your Relationship with the Lord