Bible Reading

Confession time: I have been a little lax with my Bible reading lately 😦 I finished up reading the Bible (completely) about 2 weeks ago and just hadn’t started back over. Yes, I have been reading my Bible, but not with a focus 🙂 So, I started over yesterday. I was able to read 9 … More Bible Reading


I haven’t had a chance to blog lately but all I can say is WOW – the Lord has really been doing some major work in my heart!!!! I feel so free and light because he is truly lifting my burdens! First let me say that I finished Disciplines of a Beautiful Woman last Friday … More WOW o WOW


Ahhh, I have missed writing… but I just haven’t had the time or inspiration the last few weeks. With sick children, my house had been out of control (read: not following a set schedule!!!) and I have been spending a LOT more time in God’s Word than online. Along with the sick children, I have … More Rambling…lol

Blessed to Serve

It is such a blessing to be able to serve others! Tonight my dd and I worked in the nursery at church while the children’s Christmas program was going on. My dd wasn’t in it this year since she didn’t get to go to the play practices. This gave us a great opportunity to teach … More Blessed to Serve

I Am Thankful…

With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought it would be nice to list a few of the things that I am thankful for. So here they are (in no particular order except the order they popped into my noggin’). – That I am back online (my dh is so sweet – he fixed my laptop for … More I Am Thankful…

Did you take it?

Yesterday I posted a link for a personality test. Did you take it? What did it say about your personality? Do you think that you are honoring the Lord with your personality? It would be such a boring world if our personalities were all the same. Our personality is what makes us… well, who we … More Did you take it?