Mmmmmm Butter!

I recently stared reading through Nourishing Traditions.  Wow, this book is packed with so much info.  I actually balked at the price when I first saw it, but it is well worth the money (this nutrition/cookbook is MASSIVE!).  [I did see on that you can get this book for $15.75 ($17.50 if you are not a Books-A-Million club member) and that is a really good price.]


Last week we went to a farm and bought some fresh milk, cream, butter and cheese.  Yesterday, I made whipped cream from scratch and this morning, I made butter.


Chloe and I had wanted to try our hand at butter making since we read the Little House series last year, but I must confess that I was very intimidated by the whole thing.  Well, I was until yesterday; when I learned that you can make butter in a food processor.


There are instructions in Nourishing Traditions (and they are really good) but as I was making it I was unsure that it was actually ready.  So, a quick search on the internet found this site – which shows how it should look (and also includes directions).


After I separated the butter from the buttermilk milk and I washed the butter (who knew?!?), our butter turned out really fresh and yummy.  We like salted butter so I add a bit of sea salt to ours before we started it in the food processor and it tasted perfect.


I think it is really exciting to be able to make the things that we eat instead of depending on companies to manufacture it.  It really gives me a sense of pride that I have been able to do this for our family.  With so much uncertainty in our world today, would our family be able to survive if suddenly there were no grocery stores and pre-made meals (or if due to supply and demand the cost rose significantly)?


With all of the things I am learning to make from milk, I am thinking we should really buy a cow (Honey, can you pick one up on the way home? LOL).  Okay, maybe I am not ready for 4 AM mornings… yet *smile*.






6 thoughts on “Mmmmmm Butter!

  1. I’ve started reading the book too (checked it out of the library), and then just recently returned it. Turns out there are too many holds on it to renew. I had to wait for a while to get it in the first place! Just had too many other things to do in the meantime. What I did read was eye-opening! I think I’m just going to buy the thing! 🙂


  2. There really is a TON of info in that book. You may be able to find a used copy on ebay for less but the price I saw on Books-A-Million was the cheapest I’ve seen yet (of, course, I haven’t compared prices on this for months now – lol).

    Did you find any recipes that you loved?


  3. I’ll definitely buy it used–doesn’t bother me as long as someone hasn’t ripped pages out or drawn all over it.

    Or in this case spilt food all over it. 😉

    I think I saw it for a good price over at


  4. I bought this book on Amazon but the Book is missing some recipes from it.
    Dana, could you please share the recipes my book is missing with I and my Family.
    God Bless,


  5. we did the undies instead of pull ups too! evangeline was really good compared to caleb – maybe a boy thing? we always did it in summer though – at least the washing drys quick!


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