Are They All Yours?

I long for the day when someone asks me “Are they all yours?” in referring to my children.  I would smile sweetly and with a hint of humor in my voice seriously reply, “Oh, No!  They are my husbands too ;o)”


Those of us with more than “2 point 4” children must be prepared for these types of remarks and not be offended by them (even if they are spoken to offend).


Of course, in thinking about the question “Are they ALL yours”, I can’t help but be reminded that these children really are not “all mine”.


You see, my children really belong to the Lord.  ALL of them belong to Him.  He has blessed me with these children and He expects me to raise them to give Him glory and honor.  They are simply only on loan to me.


There will come a day, when my children will be called home to Heaven.  I pray with all of my might that this day will not come for many decades and that I will not have any more children ‘called home’ until after my own home-going


Since my children are simply borrowed, I must take “extra special care” of them because I will be held accountable for how well I cared for them.


This is a very sobering thought.  One day the Master will look upon those precious children that He gave me (for a time) to see if they were loved and nurtured or if they were viewed with disdain and frustration.  Did I teach His children about their Father or did I turn their hearts away from Him?  Did they learn to love Him because they saw my love for Him?


For me, these are not simply philosophical questions.  They are very real.  You see, I am NOT a perfect mother… oh, far from it.  Some days, I feel like I must be the absolute worst.  Yes, there are days when my children frustrate me and frazzle my nerves to the breaking point.  I lose my temper and get angry. 


And then I see these precious little blessings looking up at me with hurt in their eyes and I see my Father, their Father, looking down at me with hurt in His eyes.  I have taken His precious gift for granted, and I have dishonored Him with both my actions and my words.


He has convicted me that I must discipline with love, chose my words carefully, and act in a way that brings glory to the Father.  When I fail, I must ask for His forgiveness and their forgiveness, and then I must trust in Him to help me be the kind of godly mother that He expects.


After all, they are not “all mine”, they belong to Him and I must take extra special care of these blessings that He has given me for a time.

5 thoughts on “Are They All Yours?

  1. it is hard benig a mum eh. i have 2 kids and i totally relate. i relate with teh frazzledness and also the sense of awe that these kids have been entrusted to us and the burden of that one day they may suffer or die or something – and that my job is to love htem and let God be God and to pray real hard and to be graceful etc every day. i’m glad God gently leads mothers (isaiah 40 – i think….) as i know i need his help and love and mercy myself.


  2. I think I may print this out. This was so meaningful. Right now, I am trying to figure out how to best be the Mom that God wants me to be. One of our sons was killed two years ago in a car accident at the age of 19. We have 3 sons left. I have been praying about their relationship to God. I want to be the best steward I can be. At times, I just don’t know what I should say or do. I am asking God for guidance. I love them so very much. Thank you for being so open and honest…


  3. Claire: I am right there with you! Blessings!

    {{{MYRA}}} I am so sorry to hear about your precious son. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to lose a son at the tender age of 19! It sounds like you are a truly wonderful example to your sons! May the Lord continue to draw you close to Him and to give you what you need for each day! I clung to Isaiah 41:10 during my days of greiving (and still do).


  4. I have a friend who has 8 children and she is amazing with them. She is nearly 31 now – the most recent were twins born last year, she gets very weary of comments like “You must have your hands full” and “Was there no TV” etc.

    Myra I am so saddened to hear of your loss, I had no idea. It quite took my breath away. May God bless you and your family so very much, may your relationships with your boys and theirs with God be so precious!


  5. we did the undies instead of pull ups too! evangeline was really good compared to caleb – maybe a boy thing? we always did it in summer though – at least the washing drys quick!


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