Another Reason to Love Ergo

Ahhhh, many of my friends and family have heard me sing the praises of my Ergo Baby Carrier – it really is the BEST sling I have ever owned (and I have several).  I ordered mine back in November and since I had also been given some money as a baby gift from an aunt, I also ordered the insert, tote bag and the backpack.  Noah has now outgrown the insert and I didn’t use it with her much (I was still getting the feel for the Ergo and we weren’t going out much then anyway since the weather was rather chilly).  I have, however, used the tote bag (to keep my Ergo carrier safe and clean in my van) and I have used the backpack as a diaperbag/purse tons!

One thing that I really like about the backpack is that it has straps that you can use to lock it onto the baby carrier (I haven’t this yet, but I COULD if I wanted to – LOL) or you can use the straps to attach it to the handle of a stroller – this is the BEST feature!  The backpack also has lots of little pockets that you can use for your stuff (like keys, cell phone, change purse, etc).

This is now the only diaper bag I use, so imagine my dismay when I noticed that one of the straps was breaking!  I had read a ton of reviews about the quality of this product so i figured that I must be the 1 in a million person that got the ONE that would tear (yeah, lucky me I though).  The company is in Hawaii, so I am thinking that once I send it back I will most likely be without THE BEST BACKPACK for about 2 weeks (this company has really fast shipping!).  I finally remembered to email the company today and I recieved a response back.

Do you know what they said?!?  They had pulled up my order and needed me to confirm the color that I had.  Also, since they knew I wouldn’t want to be without my backpack (I had told them this in my email – LOL) that they would send me a NEW backpack and a postage paid envelope for me to send the old one back in.  WOW!!!!!! THAT IS WONDERFUL CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Customomer Service has always been really important with me.  No, you don’t know how much.  Chad still laughs at me b/c it took me over 10 years to go back to Circuit City b/c we had been ignored by their sales staff (yes, 10 years because of that – LOL).  You can really tell how good a company is by how they treat their purchasing customers and how they treat their customers who have a problem.

When I purchased my Ergo products, I never dreamed that I would ever have a problem.  They are not cheap but they really do function well and are quality products.  I really do believe that I was one of the few that has had a problem with one of their products but the fact that their customer service was so fast and focused on pleasing me that I would definately buy from them again and encourage others to as well.

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