Valentine Day Dinner on a Budget

Valentines Day… I *L*O*V*E* Valentines Day… What is there not to love about a day about love?

I reallly enjoy celebrating with my family with a nice meal and a lovely table.  It is something really easy to do and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Start by thinking about what you want to serve.  We really love steak, but we rarely eat it because that is certainly not in our normal budget.  Hoiowever, I have learned that the grocer I frequent marks their meat down in the morning – you can get GOOD steak for CHEAP.  You can also find salad, veggies and fruits marked down at this time of day.  Make plan to get to the store as soon as early as you can so you can get the best items that have been marked down.  Plan you menu now so that you will have everything that you need for Thursday night (and you won’t be stressed).

Now that your menu is settled, it is time to get that table transformed.  I like to start with a tablecloth… a red one is always nice!  Oh, you don’t have a red on?  Did you know that you can get a red twin size sheet at Walmart for $2.50?  Instant tablecloth.  Add candles (candlestick are $1 each at Dollar Tree and the candles are $0.50 each there) and you have instant memories! 

I also like to put something under my dishes.  I have gold chargers that I use, but if you don’t have these (or even if you do) you can enlist the kids to help.  They can make placemat from strips of contruction paper that they have woven together, a collage they have made or even cut out hearts and flowers to sprinkle on the tablecloth. 

Now, just add a centerpiece and you are done.  This year I am using a rose toperiary that I got on clearance at Michaels two years ago. Other things that you can use for a centerpiece are "love-ly" gift bags with tissue paper coming out the top (you can even make these), a yummy dessert on a cake plate or arranged artistically, a single red rose in a vase, pictures of each family member arranged in the center of the table… just look around your house and see what you have that can be used (even your wedding bouquet if it was made from silk flowers).

No matter what your budget, Valentines Day is a wonderful time for us to take the time to tell our family how special they are and how much we love them.  It is also a time when we can be reminded of how much the Lord loves us . It is really more than we could ever imagine, after all, look at the gift of salvation that he freely offered us through His only Son, Jesus Christ.

Have a blessed day, Dana






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