For the love of FRUIT

I know that the iPhone is one of the biggest crazes these days, but I prefer healthier fare :0).  I have a new addiction to Strawberries these days*smile*.  Okay, so it is actually a Blackberry that is Pretty in Pink but I am enamored with it.  Of course, if you ask Chad, he would use the word OBSESSED, and maybe the fact the I am posting this proves his point – lol.

So for any other girlie girls out there who enjoy cool toys, you will LOVE the new Pink Blackberry Pearl 8130.  It is slim and packed with more features than the original 8100 (like the voice recorder, video recording, a better camera and GPS).  I am not normally one to be on the cutting edge of things, but I got this one just days after it was launched and I have to say that I know why there is so much hype!

Of course, I know that I am "just" a housewife, but I consider this a quite useful tool for my profession!  I am able to have an electronic calendar, keep track of daily tasks, keep an electronic prayer list and my routines in the memo’s, I can take pics of my kids and email them right away, plus I can check my email without sitting at my computer while the kids run wild because I have gotten caught up in chasing rabbits – LOL.  I can also keep track of phone numbers and addresses (physical and email), use it for an alarm clock and mp3 player plus play games (sometimes vital for sanity) and use software such as Splash Shopper (which really streamlines your trips to the grocery store and helps you keep track of whether or not a sale price is really a good deal or not) and to keep track of all the other lists that you try to store in your head (which doesn’t work, btw).  It also has Internet and can be used for GPS.  So far, I think that the only thing I have found that it can’t do is cook dinner (but you could use it to get dinner delivered). Oh, and did I mention that this phone is PINK!!!!!

Who says that diamonds are a girl’s best friend?  I am pretty fond of pink pearls *smile*.

Blessings, Dana

5 thoughts on “For the love of FRUIT

  1. we did the undies instead of pull ups too! evangeline was really good compared to caleb – maybe a boy thing? we always did it in summer though – at least the washing drys quick!


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