5 minute Round Robin and other Birdie news

Chloe and I have been doing 5 minute Round Robins to keep our house in order.  Yes, you are asking the same question that Chloe asked a couple of days ago: What is a 5 minute Round Robin?

Basically you just go ’round to each room in your house and spend 5 minutes cleaning/tidying.  If you have an older child that can help, you can really get a lot done in 5 minutes!  We normally both work in the same room for 5 minutes but for some rooms (like bathrooms and hallway/laundry room) we will "divide and conquer". 

This is a great tool to regain control of an out-of-control house or to maintain a home that is already tidy.  It really is amazing what you can do in just 5 minutes when you are on a mission!

In other birdie news this morning, after we finished our Round Robin, I went to get Noah to feed her.  Her bassinet sits in front of the Family Room window, and as I looked out I couldn’t believe the variety of birds I saw in our front yard.  There was a red-headed woodpecker (eating my favorite oak tree, I might add), two red cardinals, a blue jay, and at least a dozen red robins, and almost a gazillon black birds (who were just a chattering)!  I guess the warm weather we’ve had and the rain from this morning brought them out to get a tasty brunch of fresh worms (Yum!  LOL).  It sure looks like Spring is inching closer each day!

Have a blessed day, Dana


4 thoughts on “5 minute Round Robin and other Birdie news

  1. Do you do just one Round Robin in a day, or several throughout the day, or several in a row? Are they scheduled ahead of time or spontaneous?




  2. Hi Susan,
    I like do do this at least once a day but it can be done “as needed” whether twice a day or a few times a week.

    This is how Chloe and I do it:
    5 min. in Living Room (both), then
    5 min. in Dining Room (both), then
    5 min. in Kitchen (both), then
    5 min. in Laundry room (me) & Guest Bathroom (Chloe)
    5 min. in Main Hallway (me) & Family Bathroom (chloe)
    10 min. in Family Room & Family Closet

    We can use this time to a general tidy in each room. It really is amazing how much gets drug from room to room (and left) in the course of a day (especially from the 2 year old!). I haven’t started doing this upstairs (where the bedrooms and Chad’s study is) b/c I still have a lot of de-cluttering to do but I once I do then I may start alternating b/w upstairs and downstairs, but I am not sure yet.

    Hope this helps! Btw, how are you feeling? I know that each day is bringing you closer to meeting your newest blessing… eeeeeeee, I am so excited!



  3. I guess this sounds similar to what I have the kids do right before supper. They, at least the three oldest, clean two or three areas of the main floor for about five minutes each. We set the kitchen timer, and they race. A whole lot gets done in those few minutes! You have that to look forward to as your littler ones get older.

    Sometimes we also race to see if we can clean something during one song (play a song on a CD and try to get done before the song’s done).

    Thanks for asking about me. I feel pretty fine now, though I seem to be going for a weight-gain world record. LOL/ROFC (rolling on floor crying). Oh, well. Hopefully, one week from tomorrow we’ll know if it’s a boy or girl! We’re not some of the folks who say they love surprises. 🙂 We love information!!



  4. we did the undies instead of pull ups too! evangeline was really good compared to caleb – maybe a boy thing? we always did it in summer though – at least the washing drys quick!


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