Stacy McDonald has a post up about homeschooling.  She says everything that we believe- but in a much better (and certainly more concise way). I truly enjoy homeschooling my childrern.  I really love (at least most days – LOL)  that that I have ALL of my children at home with me during the day.  There … More Homeschooling

Mmmmmm Butter!

I recently stared reading through Nourishing Traditions.  Wow, this book is packed with so much info.  I actually balked at the price when I first saw it, but it is well worth the money (this nutrition/cookbook is MASSIVE!).  [I did see on that you can get this book for $15.75 ($17.50 if you are … More Mmmmmm Butter!

Are They All Yours?

I long for the day when someone asks me “Are they all yours?” in referring to my children.  I would smile sweetly and with a hint of humor in my voice seriously reply, “Oh, No!  They are my husbands too ;o)”   Those of us with more than “2 point 4” children must be prepared … More Are They All Yours?

Another Strawberry!

LOL – Okay, so when I took this little quiz, I had to laugh that I was a strawberry… since that is my "fruit" of choice these days – LOL. Too fun *smile*!!!!   You Are a Strawberry You are friendly, outgoing, and well liked by many people. You are popular, but there’s nothing you … More Another Strawberry!

Treasured Valentine

  I’ll see those fancy valentines For sale in every store; Yet there’s a very special kind I always treasure more.   The printed ones are nice, of course, With verse and lace and such; But somehow they just seem to lack That warm and loving touch.   The valentine I treasure most Is given … More Treasured Valentine

For the love of FRUIT

I know that the iPhone is one of the biggest crazes these days, but I prefer healthier fare :0).  I have a new addiction to Strawberries these days*smile*.  Okay, so it is actually a Blackberry that is Pretty in Pink but I am enamored with it.  Of course, if you ask Chad, he would use the word OBSESSED, … More For the love of FRUIT