Starting off the New Year

It’s been quite a while since I posted.  I simply had to step away for a bit to try to re-gain order in my life … and things are finally starting to line up again!  *BIG GRIN*

I normally make new goals on my birthday, but that just didn’t happen this year since I was so busy having a baby! (Yeah, I know, SOME people will use any excuse – lol)  So, part of getting back on track was to set goals for the year.  Chad had asked that I make at least 5 goals, but being the over-achiever that I am, I have a total of 24.  There are some listed that I work towards every year and some new ones. 

In addition to making my goals, I also sat down and listed practical ways that I can work towards reaching my goals.  I know myself (and my short comings) too well… and if I don’t have a written plan, then I will simply get overwhelmed and give up.  I have also reminded myself that I will not be able to achieve my YEARLY goals overnight, that it will take time and perseverance.

We are 9 days into the New Year, and I am making some progress (YEAH!).   I will try to share some of the things that I am doing to meet my goals (not in this post – LOL – there wouldn’t be enough time in the evening – lol).  I also hope to be blogging more than I have lately since it is a fun and easy way to share about the happening in my home,  but if I have to let anything slide, then the first thing on the list is computer time :0(

If you haven’t set goals for this year, and mapped out a plan to meet those goals, why not log off your computer right now and do it.  Just sit down and write down the things that are important to you and that you would like do this year.  To give you a few ideas (and to help keep me accountable), here is my list:


(1)   Read the Bible completely through

(2)   Memorize 1 Bible verse a week

(3)   Daily Quiet time & Bible Study


(1)   Be an encourager

(2)   Be submissive (ESPECIALLY when I think that I am right (*smile*))

(3)   Daily quality time

(4)   Make Chad’s priorities my priorities



(1)   Be an encourager

(2)   Be patient and speak with kindness & love (no matter how irritated I am)

(3)   Breakfast devotional with the children

(4)   Daily quality time with each child



(1)   Work out a daily schedule to better order our days

(2)   Complete and implement a chore schedule (Blessingpacks)

(3)   Learn to sew and complete at least 4 sewing projects



(1)   Read Nourishing Traditions and implement what I learn

(2)   Lose 15 pounds



(1)   Study the Fruits of the Spirit and strive to bear these fruits in my life

(2)   Be a hard-worker and do all things for the glory of the Lord

(3)   Learn to bless those who persecute me



(1)   Reach out to other ladies to encourage them in their roles of wife/mother

(2)   Host at least one Bible Study

(3)   Practice hospitality at least once a month


Personal Development

(1)   Read 1 book a month

(2)   Re-learn to play the piano


After reading over this list again, the thought occurred to me that you can really learn a lot about someone by their goals.  When I wrote this list, I didn’t have any intentions of sharing it with anyone but Chad and Chloe… but we are all friends, aren’t’ we?  Even though I have a plan mapped out, I can always tweak it as needed, so if you have any of the same goals that I do (or have had it in the past), I would love to hear what you are doing (or what you did) to achieve your goals!







4 thoughts on “Starting off the New Year

  1. I’ve been visiting CWO blogs the last few days and like to say Hi when something stands out at me, hope you don’t mind.

    What a list! You’ve thought of everything and there are many plans for the year I can relate to. God bless you in 2008 as you live toward your goals. Jo 🙂


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  3. I am reminded of the rich, young ruler. Jesus told him to sell off everything he had and to follow Him. This was the thing that made the rich man selfish, it was what he was holding on to the hardest.


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