Southern Living

Careful Aim by Norman RockwellLiving in the South has its pro’s and it has its pro’s (lol… okay so the 100+ degree weather in the summer and the awful humidity is not fun).

Anyway, it is hunting season here in our state so there’s a lot of talk about hunting and of guns.  As you know, children are sponges and they soak up everything they hear.  Our boys also love to play with their toy guns and pretend that they are hunting too.

Well, the other night, Si-Si was wearing his "construction boots" and he was having fun stomping around the family room (they are his stompin’ boots).  Chad asked Josiah (who just turned 2 in July) what he would do if he saw a spider.  We were expecting Josiah to say he would stomp on it, but instead he clearly told us, in his most Southern drawl, that he would "Git a gun an shot it". 

Of course, we rolled with laugher because it was such an unexpected answer from our 2 year old.  Since we were so amused by his answer, this has become his answer for various things… it makes us laugh and he is such a ham!

I guess that is Southern Living at it’s best, huh?  I think Si-Si is gonna grow up to be one fine man :0)

Blessings, Dana

Art Print: Careful Aim by Norman Rockwell

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2 thoughts on “Southern Living

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