One More Chance to Win

Kim, at Life In A Shoe, is having another contest to win goodies from Vision Forum.  This time, the contest is for $250 worth of items from their catalog (and made by Vision Forum).

Here is my wishlist:

The Best of the 2006 Entrepreneurial Bootcamp ($125 – CD Set)

Family Renewal Library ($60 – CD Set)

Fruit of the Gospel Set ($56 – CD Set)

Once again, I put the more expensive sets since I can always buy the other things I want here and there :0). 

Thank you Kim for giving us another chance to win (and win a bigger prize!).

Blessings, Dana

2 thoughts on “One More Chance to Win

  1. I am reminded of the rich, young ruler. Jesus told him to sell off everything he had and to follow Him. This was the thing that made the rich man selfish, it was what he was holding on to the hardest.


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