Little Noah

Yesterday was a big day… I celebrated my 29th birthday AND the Lord blessed me with the BEST birthday gift ever…

A BRAND NEW BABY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah Elethia Patterson was born at 10:46 AM.  She weighed 7 pounds and 5 ounces and is 19 inches long.  She is a doll!

I will post more later.  I am still in the hospital but should be going home tomorrow afternoon since we are both doing so wonderful! I wanted to be sure to post a quick message ASAP since I know that some of you are rather impatient (LOL – You know who you are *smile* ).

Blessings and Love, Dana

25 thoughts on “Little Noah

  1. yay and welcome to the outside world noah! she sounds lovely! i do hope we get to have photos! and happy birthday! my evangeline arrived the day before (well actually abut 3 hours offically) my husbands birthday – she celebrates on the 19th and he on the 20th of august.


  2. Numbers 26:33 too, I think. πŸ™‚

    Congratulations! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Happy Birthday can take on a whole new meaning when this happens. πŸ™‚

    And, had to remark on modern tech. I mean, once upon a time, the world would wait for an announcement, knowing it might come through relatives, in the mail, whatever. Now, we want it while you’re still in the hospital. I didn’t wish to intrude on your hospital space, so I waited ’til you were home to congratulate you. I guess I’m old-fashioned, πŸ˜‰

    May little Noah be blessed. May her eyes always seek the highest, her heart be teachable, and may she bring delight to the souls of her parents.


  3. From a guy that got teased about his own name all throughout my school years, I gotta ask, why did you name a girl Noah? Were you expecting a boy?

    I know of an other mother / daughter who share the same birthday. I guess the odds of that happening are 1 in 365 unless it’s leap year.

    Have a God day!
    Mike M


  4. hi dana, chad and noah, and the rest of the family! hope you are all settling in at home and doing well with all those first weeks things – food, sleep etc…


  5. Dana and family–
    Ever since you posted on the JT message board that you had difficulties in the past with your bluepregnancies and how you were continuing to trust God in each of them, I have had a sticky note in my bathroom and have been praying God’s safe delivery of this little one. Praise His name for His faithfulness to your family! God bless you and continue to make you fruitful!


  6. Dana, Chad and family,
    Congratulations! We’re so happy you’re feeling well and everyone is healthy. Enjoy your newest blessing completely. Post photos on the JT board as soon as you can! (Oh, did that sound impatient? Sorry!)


  7. Impatient? Hmmmm…I just looked it up in our dictionary and it said ‘Camille’…interesting indeed!!!

    I pray you and Noah (and the rest of the crew) are doing well!!! Glad to hear you are up to posting in the hospital!!!!

    We had friends this year who had a little girl and named her ‘Tirzah’…so now, I’m just waiting on the rest…Hoglah, Mahlah and Miclah…maybe someone that has triplets???

    Blessings to you all and big hugs all the way around!!!


  8. Mike,

    No we did not know the sex. There is a girl named Noah in Numbers 27. She was one of the courageous sisters that confronted Moses about inherriting their fathers land, as he had no sons. It was not the names we considered, but after meeting her, we knew it was her name.


  9. The link below seems to indicate that Noah is a boys name (generally speaking). I’m sure there’s always exceptions like the one you guys are making. Most everyone associates the name to the male gender #1, and also to the boat builder in Genesis. That is most likely the perception everyone she comes across her will have.

    For a child to have a name from the opposite sex it will either break the child or make them stronger. I personally would have hated my parents if they gave me a girl’s name like Jennifer. That just would have made my already insecure adolescent years even worse. So just be prepared for her tears when she comes home from being teased all day, every day.

    Noah, God be with you little one! You have some tough years ahead of you.

    Have a God day!
    Mike M


  10. Ahhh…the joy of home schooling! I am sure little Noah will be blessed, all day, every day by her fellow classmates and teachers, i.e. her siblings and her parents…and what an awesome built-in witnessing tool you have given her!!!

    I know people often ask me about my name, and they are quite surprised when I tell them I was named after my Uncle! Of course, then I can transition into the fact that he was from the Middle-East, where my name is masculine in nature, and then of course go on to say that my grandfather was from Tarsus…and by the way, do you know about Saul from Tarsus…so on and so forth.

    I think it is the perfect name…now, I’m going over to see this little treasure!

    Hugs to you –


  11. Thank you all for your well wishes! I have been resting for the last few days and just now got a chance to see all of the wonderful congrats that have been posted. We are blessed indeed to have so much love, prayers and blessings surrounding us from friends near and far!

    We are all doing well (besides being a little short on sleep). I am also very blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is taking good care of this new (again) momma, new baby and ALL of the older kids *smile*.

    I just wanted to post a mini-update and I hope to do a “real” post soon *smile*.

    Blessings to you all, my dear friends,


  12. good to hear from you dana – have been wondering and praying for you and your family, esp darling new noah.

    dont be overly worried abuot comments about her name (i am sure u are not since u did name her that) in this day and age kids are called Apple, and in New Zealand there was even a child named 4Real (spelt just like that) – there was a big deal about it at the Births, Deaths Register abut the number…

    Noah is a beautiful name for a girl.


  13. Rest, rest, and rest. There’s much ahead, as you know.
    Please post some pics when you get time.

    Blessings to all of you,


  14. LOL – Yes, we really like the name Noah for a girl and anyone who knows us IRL would not expect us to chose a name like Emily (I love the name Emily, but we like more, dare I say it, unusual names – LOL).

    And if our little Noah-girl grows up and compains that Noah is a “boys name” I will just remind her to be thankful that we didn’t chose Hoglah (one of the other 5 sisters)… I am sure she would get dubbed “Miss Piggy” for sure – lol.

    Also, the only ones to pick on my daughter is adults… all the kids who know her love her name *smile*.

    And… I will try to get some pics up… maybe tomorrow. I just have to figure out how since I haven’t posted pics since the LWC format was changed (forshame! lol).



  15. Well, it seems that the staff at Willow Creek Community Church has discovered that they are only growing in numbers and that most of their members are not growing in Christ.


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