Praise Him

No matter how big or how small the trial is that I am going through, I must remember to PRAISE HIM.

He is God.  He Loves us more than we can imagine.  He knows what tomorrow will bring even though we don’t know what will come with our next breath (or even if there will be one).

I must continually remind myself that my trials are not a punishment from God but they are there to REFINE me more in the image of Christ.  Trials do not come because God doesn’t care about us but because He loves us wants the best for us.  It may not feel this way when you are walking in a dark valley but as long as you allow the Lord to lead you, you WILL come out on the other side and you will be much stronger in the Lord than you were before.

It is often hard to remember that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel.  God will never bring us to a hard place and not give us a way out.  Sometimes the way is very obvious but sometimes we must walk in faith to find where we need to go.  One thing is for sure… the Lord will never abandon us, especially during our darkest hour… but often we don’t know He is there because we are the ones who have lost sight of Him.

There are always folks around us who are going through a trial.  Sometimes another person’s trial may seem trivial to us, but it is no small thing to the person facing it.  At the moment you are going through a trial, no matter how large or small, it feels enormous and consuming.  No trial I have ever personally been through has been as hard as the one I faced when my precious son died, but even though every trial has not been that difficult, it doesn’t change the fact that my current trial is, at that moment, huge to me.

I have also found that we can draw strength from our past trials to help with our current trial.  When we look back, we can always see the hand of God and see how He was there and got us through those times.  It can give us hope that He will continue to hold us in His hand during our hardships.

Also, I have learned that our trials can bless others.  LOL – I know that sounds a bit backward, but we all know what a personal blessing it is to us when we can reach out to someone and tell them "I have been where you are and God WILL see you through just like He did with me".  As much as it blesses us to reach out, it also blesses the person that we reach out to.  Suddenly, they are not alone and they realize that there is someone else who understands. 

Even if our trial is a bit different from one that someone else is facing, it is so encouraging to see how the Lord brings each of us through.  It give us renewed hope and strength.  It often makes our own journey feel a bit lighter and less bumpy.

Yes, we face trials for a reason and whether we know the "why", we must keep our eyes on Him.  We must trust in Him and praise Him through all things.  It is always so much easier to say "Praise the Lord!  Look at what He has done for me" when we FEEL blessed, but it is so much sweeter to the Lord when we can say "Praise the Lord for His hand and work in my life" when we are in the darkness.  It is okay to cry (and cry out to Him) and it is okay to even feel down a t times, but we must always come back to PRAISE Him… for He is good.

Lord Bless, Dana

6 thoughts on “Praise Him

  1. now THAT aint the hormones talking! sometimes we need to remind ourselves of such thigns eh – t hat God is God and that he is in control and worhty of our worship and love, that we can trust him. have a blessed day today!


  2. Nope, not the hormones *smile*… only the GRACE of God and His peace at this moment. I pray that I can continue to keep my focus on Him as I know that He will keep His hand on me.



  3. What a great post. Yes! Praying for you regarding your baby’s birth. My sister in law is having a c-section on 5th Sept. They lost their daughter in 2005 (4 days shy of her 1st birthday), so there will be a lot to work through, emotions etc.


  4. {{{Big Hugs}}} for your family!!! I know that this delivery will be so bittersweet for them!!!! A new baby is very healing but then it also reminds you of what you missed out on (or will miss in years in come once the baby get past the age of the child that died). I pray that Lord gives them peace and comfort with all of the emotions that they are dealing with!



  5. No baby yet, but keep on praying. On the plus side, I am FINALLY getting my house clean!!!! After 2 months on bedrest, things can really pile up, and I am literally talking a pile here and a pile there!


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