38 Weeks

I haven’t blogged in quite a while (over a month) and there are reason’s for that.  I have had some personal issue’s going on and just felt that I didn’t need to encourage others in their walk while I was barely crawling.  Yes, I am still crawling but I wanted to post an update and ask for prayer.

First of all, the baby is doing well.  He/She is still measuring small but the growth rate has been right on track – Praise the Lord!!!!!!  I am still praying that the Lord allows me to VBAC and I am trusting in Him for that.  I am praying that I go into labor and have the baby before August 30 simply because I don’t want to have to deal with my OB on this issue (he wants to section me on August 31).

Secondly, I ask for your prayer with my ‘personal issue’.  I cannot divulge the details for that be gossip as the person wouldn’t have a chance to ‘defend themself’ but basically I am under a lot of stress (and have been for the last couple of months) because of someone who delights in slandering me with malicious lies and gossip.  I have really tried to be strong and bear it, but I feel as if I am getting to my breaking point. It seems that no matter what I have done in the past to try to reconcile with this person, it has all been in vain.  I don’t think that they will every change and I feel that I am being a fool for thinking that this person has changed and no longer desires to hurt me.  Of course, they do change for time as long as it is advantageous to them, but as soon as they are unhappy with me chosing to obey God rather than allow them to ‘have their way’, then the problems start.

I am just getting really tired of this vicious cycle.  I have begged Chad to move us to New Zealand because maybe being on the other side of the world would help things, but of course, there is that pesky little issue of my dh needing a JOB there, so that is out of the question (LOL!!!). 

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