The 11th Hour

I am quite stubborn it seems and the Lord has soooo much to teach me… but maybe I am learning a little (or at least I am THIS time). This summer, for the first time in five years, I made a conscience decision to be unsubmissive to a decision that my dh had made (NOTE: … More The 11th Hour

Praise Him

No matter how big or how small the trial is that I am going through, I must remember to PRAISE HIM. He is God.  He Loves us more than we can imagine.  He knows what tomorrow will bring even though we don’t know what will come with our next breath (or even if there will … More Praise Him

Meeting Baby Soon

It is has been a looooonnnngggg time since I posted but I wanted to post an update for anyone who still visits and to also ask for prayer. I will be 39 weeks on Wednesday.  The baby is still measuring small but is growing at the correct rate.  Two weeks ago, the weight was estimated … More Meeting Baby Soon

38 Weeks

I haven’t blogged in quite a while (over a month) and there are reason’s for that.  I have had some personal issue’s going on and just felt that I didn’t need to encourage others in their walk while I was barely crawling.  Yes, I am still crawling but I wanted to post an update and … More 38 Weeks