Heading to Jamestown!


 We will be leaving on Sunday morning to head to Virginia for Vision Forum’s Jamestown 400 Celebration.

I have been working to get my notebook together for the treasure hunt and to get the house in order, clothes washed, meals planned, accommodations and tickets arranged, etc.

We are really looking forward to celebrating the founding of our country and also meeting many of the friends that we have made through doing the Jamestown 400 Treasure Hunt.  I am also excited that I qualified as one of the Finalists to hunt for the gold.  I really don’t expect to win (as I know that there are other players who are much more skillful than I am) but I am just expecting to enjoy the experience/blessings and to have fun.

Vision Forum has been working to make this event successful and to glorify the Lord.  I am really excited have the opportunity to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the founding of our nation with so many other wonderful Christian families.

Any regular readers out there (even lurkers) that are going to be there too?  If so, send me an email!  I would love to meet you (maybe at Fort Pocahontas?).  (There is an "Email Me" link in the left had menu section)

Have a blessed day, Dana


3 thoughts on “Heading to Jamestown!

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  2. No baby yet, but keep on praying. On the plus side, I am FINALLY getting my house clean!!!! After 2 months on bedrest, things can really pile up, and I am literally talking a pile here and a pile there!


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