Trust Him, Praise Him

“But I am like a green olive tree in the house of the God.  I trust in the mercy of God forever and ever.  I will praise thee forever, because thou hast done it:  and I will wait on they name, for it is good before thy saints.”  Psalms 52:8-9


The Word of the Lord is so powerful!  It not only teaches us but it strengthens us and encourages us.


Many of you know the struggle that I have had with my desire for a VBAC.  About 2 months ago, my dh and I traveled to another state, about 2 hours away, in the hopes of finding an OB who would allow me to VBAC.  This was an OB that was very VBAC friendly and he told me that he couldn’t VBAC me because of my 2 previous c-sections and the fact that I had had a J-incision.  I was quite disappointed (okay, I was totally crushed at the moment), but I put my faith and trust in the Lord that His will was best.


This week, I met with another doctor, that was only about an hour away, who is very encouraging of VBAC’s.  I didn’t really get my hopes up much, but I did have some hope that I could get the VBAC that I desired.  My meeting with the OB lasted less than 10 minutes (after waiting over an hour to see him!) and I was once again told “No”.


I didn’t even cry this time when the doctor delivered this news.  However, when I got to my car, I couldn’t hold back the tears and I cried out to the Lord for comfort.  I grabbed my Bible and He led me to the verse above.


I love the Lord!  It doesn’t matter if I don’t understand WHY I am told that I cannot VBAC, it only matters that I trust in the Lord and that I follow Him where He leads me.  Do I still desire a VBAC?  Yes, I do, but I have such an awesome peace that the Lord has me right where He wants me.  I have committed my life to Him and I trust Him to use me in the way that will bring the most glory and honor to His name.


This is not always easy, because my of my fleshly desires, but I have a peace that only comes from trusting in Him.  Why should I try to control something that I only have a limited view of when I can trust it to the very One who created me and who has an unlimited view of my life? 


Even though it seems that I am not going to have desire of my heart, I am praising Him for I know that His will is good and perfect!  I also praise for the many blessings that I take for granted:  the healthy children that he has already blessed me with, fertility, and the blessing of another precious child in my womb.


We all go through trials and disappointments but we must never lose our ability to praise Him through EVERYTHING, especially the things that we don’t understand or desire.  It is through these things that we will grow in our faith and bring Him the most glory. 


Lord Bless,


5 thoughts on “Trust Him, Praise Him

  1. Dana…I can understand your desire for a VBAC. My births are memories I will always cherish. Have you checked into a midwife? I had my first two babies with a midwife, in a hospital. She was just a part of the clinic, and I was in the hospital in case anything unexpected would come up. Just an idea!
    Thanks for the reminder to “Praise Him through EVERYTHING!” That’s one reminder we all need (especially me!)


  2. Hi Andie,
    In SC, DHEC (the State Health Department) will not allow a CNM to deliver a VBAC :0(. I have actually talked to 2 midwives (one before I was pregnant and one after). I would have loved to have had a midwife, but that was also a dead end. Based on my history (one stillbirth with child #2, and then becoming septic and then having an abruption that resulted in an emergency c-section) my dh is not comfortable with a homebirth, and I totally honor his decision (although we have a huge antique clawfoot tub that would be great to birth in – LOL).

    Thank you so much for the suggestion and your kind remarks!

    Have a blessed day,


  3. If I am lucky enough to be pregnant again, I too would most likely need another c-section. I am also really sad about it but like you try to focus on the great child I have. I also am so glad to have her that even though I would like to try the VBAC and feel a real sense of loss at not having had a vaginal birth, I don’t think I can even remotely consider risking the new baby’s safety, however slim a possibility. I try to focus on God’s will, not mine and that I am the protector of these children and sometimes that comes at the expense of my desires. I try anyway! Some how it is still disappointing at times. I figure if such a blessing occurs and I get the chance at having one more child, how could I be so silly as to quibble and grouse about the one day that doesn’t go my way when I get to be the mom of that child for a very long time, hopefully my lifetime.I am glad you are pregnant and healthy. The tub does sound perfect though. Sigh.


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  5. No baby yet, but keep on praying. On the plus side, I am FINALLY getting my house clean!!!! After 2 months on bedrest, things can really pile up, and I am literally talking a pile here and a pile there!


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