Children as Guinea Pigs?

I just read a very interesting article at .  The article is about vaccines, and specifically how the HPV vaccine (that is supposed to be required for girls age 11-12 in some states) has not even been tested on this age group… and who wants their child to be a guinea pig anyway?!?

I have been researching for more than a year now about vaccines and the pros/cons that are associated with each one (not to mention ethical issues like the ones raised in the above article).  I haven’t had a chance to review all of the links  in this article but it looks like some pretty good info!

I am not looking for a debate on the vaccination issue, just wanted to pass this info on to other parents who are concerned about the health of their child and who choose to make informed decisions instead of just going along with what ‘they’ (whoever ‘they’ are) tell us to do.  Of course, for us, the issue with this particular vaccine (the HPV) is not about health but about morality but I still like to research these matters carefully since they do affect so many in our country.


Update:  These are links (from the article above) that you don’t want to miss:

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8 thoughts on “Children as Guinea Pigs?

  1. I am not sure who left the above ‘comment’ since the link is in the name/url field… but it was pretty funny AND true! Thanks for a great link *smile*.


  2. I read that blog on a regular basis also! That was a very funny video, too. I have to tell one of my friends about it, she’ll love it.

    I really need to get Google Reader going on my blog so that I can link to these great posts, too. Did you read the one about store-bought chicken? BLECH!!!



  3. Oh, forgot, you might also be interested in a post my friend wrote, that I have been meaning to post on as well. The link is here- [url][/url]



  4. Hi Kimbrah, That is the first time that I have visited the ‘date-dabitur’ blog (I’ll have to check out their archives!) but I have been reading Amy’s Humble Musings for a while. I was thinking the same thing about linking to posts such as these but I don’t know how hard it is to set up (maybe I will look into that next week.

    Thanks for the link to your’s friends blog… that was a great post! With my first child, I did as I was told and with my second (living) child, I started to question things a bit but by the time my third (living) child came along, I knew that I had to SEARCH out answers. There are so many things that I wish I knew *before* I had kids, but at least we are teaching our children to not just take things at face value, but to SEARCH out the answers for yourself (and this goes for everything, not just vaccines… we must be like the Bereans *smile*).

    Blessings to you!


  5. Are Date-Datibur and Amy’s Humble Musings related in some way? I found DD through my friend’s blog and have never read AHM.


  6. I don’t think so… I subsribe to AHM through Bloglines and sometimes there is a “post” (I don’t think it shows up on her blog… if so, it is not archived b/c I just checked her site) and this “post” that I see through bloglines has a link and summary of the link. I think there were 4 listed today but I have closed that page in bloglines so I can’t see it now :0(.

    Anywho… I think it is some kind of ‘link generator’ and that she has control of the links and when it is posted.

    Okay… I guess that was the LOOONNNGGGG explaination.



  7. Chad has also launched the website and is working hard to get everything functional. This is the ministry that the Lord has laid on both of our hearts.


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