Got some work to do… but I’m back

Hi all!!!!!

I am so excited that LWC is back online!!! A BIG WOOOO HOOOO!!!! for the admins who have worked endlessly to get this place up and running again!!!! THANK YOU GUYS FOR ALL YOU DO!!!!!!!

Now that I am back online, I have to get my site back to the lovely design that it used to be (thankfully, I have a copy of the template I created so it shouldn’t be so hard) and then I can post away to my hearts content (lol).

I will post later on tonight but I need to go finish up some cleaning while my boys are still napping.

Blessings all…. and it’s great to back :0)

3 thoughts on “Got some work to do… but I’m back

  1. Thanks Tuffy! I found the help blog earlier but I think I will have to explore tomorrow *smile*. I had big plans for checking things out tonight but I think an earlier bedtime is going to win out (lol). Thanks again for all of your hard work!!!!!

    I have a BIG day tomorrow… I am *finally* having an ultrasound *YEAH*


  2. Chad has also launched the website and is working hard to get everything functional. This is the ministry that the Lord has laid on both of our hearts.


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