Off to the races

Well, this morning we were off to the races… the Awana Derby Race, that is!

Chloe had a super cute car… it looked like a pencil!!!

And..****drumroll please***** my wonderful daughter placed…… okay, she didn’t place at all… but she had a fabulous time (LOL).

Actually, we all had a good time. It was wonderful to fellowship with other families and meet new people.

Even though Chloe didn’t win a single heat, I still think that she was one of the biggest winners! There was a little girl there who didn’t seem to know anyone and Chloe talked to her and asked her to join her and her friends. I am sure that it made both this little girl and her daddy (who are not members of our church) feel very good and welcomed by our body of believers. Chad talked to the daddy and invited him to Sunday School so maybe he will take Chad up on the offer!

I guess I have two points in my blog today: (1) You can’t be good at EVERYTHING (Chloe is a whiz at Bible Quiz but didn’t fair so well at the races… but it is how you handle winning and losing (your “heart” condition) that is pleasing to the Lord (and Chloe is a very godly winner and loser – *smile*) and (2) We need to always be looking for opportunities to reach out to others (and I am guilty of missing these opportunities all the time!).

Have a blessed day,

One thought on “Off to the races

  1. Chad has also launched the website and is working hard to get everything functional. This is the ministry that the Lord has laid on both of our hearts.


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