A Test on Submission

I have been reading [u]Just Around the Corner[/u] by Steve and Teri Maxwell. It is basically a book of about 5 years worth of their monthly newsletter. It covers a bunch of topics and I have really enjoyed it as the Maxwells really encourage me since they have been where I am walking now.

Anyway, the Mom’s Corner that I was reading today talked about Teri’s struggle with submission. Boy, can I relate to that. She talks about how that we must be submissive with a meek and quiet spirit; not just a quiet mouth. Ouch! As far as I have come in being a submissive wife, I still have a LOT of work to do in this area.

So tonight, I tried a little experiment (and I copied the idea from what Teri had written about – LOL). During our nightly family devotional, I didn’t discipline the kids… I left it up to Chad. Josiah was really squirmy and hard to handle and Chad asked me if I wanted him to take Si-Si. I told him that he should do whatever he thought would be the best. He decided to take Si-Si and after a couple of minutes, Josiah had settled down and was on his best behavior for the rest of our family devotional. Chloe and Fisher were both perfectly behaved too! It was one of the smoothest family devotionals we have had in a while!

Isn’t it amazing how things seem to fall into place when we are following God’s plan… even in something as simple as being a submissive wife during our family devotional.

This little “experiment” really encouraged me because it was a huge eye-opener to me as to how I need to be on my guard to the times when I am not being submissive in the ways that God has told me to be.

I also think that once I am being submissive with a meek and quiet spirit that it will also help the behavior of my children. I think that it will show them that I am giving respect to my husband and that they also need to respect their daddy in the same way.

Wow, this could clear up a lot of discipline issues… and it is just because I am willing to make a change in MY behavior. What a blessing the Lord’s plan is! It truly is a blessing!

15 thoughts on “A Test on Submission

  1. Thank you! I have been searching the internet on how to be a submissive wife when I found your blog. I appreciate your thoughts & I’m thankful that you have shared them with the world. This morning, after reading this (yes, I know it’s 1.5 years old), I repented to my husband, asked for his forgiveness & told him that I want to fulfill my Godly purpose. You would not believe the reaction – I know things will get better & better in our marriage (& they aren’t even bad) – but I do know that being the submissive wife God wants me to be will only increase our love for each other.


  2. That’s it – I’m leaving my husband. I want a submissive wife to be “meek” and make me feel powerful! LOL!!!!!!!!!! Duh, of COURSE the husband would be all for it! And I pray that your kids don’t obey only your husband and run all over you while you’re being “meek.” They don’t know all your spiritual reasons for it. All they see is mommy with her mouth shut. Great example for the girls! Thanks for undoing everything feminism has done for you! Oh, should you have this blog? think women should only be seen and not heard.


  3. Hello Anon,
    I normally delete rude comments, but it is very obvious that you ignorant to what this post is about (or even what the Bible says).

    I have children that are wonderfully obedient to both myself and my dh. They are very smart and are being taught the Truth of the Bible, so yes, their understanding is growing daily.

    It is very hard in our society for men and women to follow the standards that the Lord has given us in His Word but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t strive for holiness.

    Oh, and I so wish I could “undo everything feminisn has done” for me – LOL, but I fear that that is a task that will take many more years that I will be on this Earth but I am praying for a return to the Biblical model of the family.

    Also, you quite amused me with your statement… “women should be seen and not heard”. Where did you get a crazy idea like that? It certainly isn’t Biblical :o). If you look at the top of my blog, you will find the reason I blog… and it is the instruction that God gave to women to teach to other women :o)

    I pray that you would let go of your bitterness and accept the true Peace that only Christ can offer. It is a free gift, you only have to accept it. “For God so LOVED the world, that He GAVE His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

    True happiness and freedom can only be found in the cross of Christ, I hope you will soon find your way there :o)

    Lord Bless,


  4. First of all, this is a lovely blog and I will surely be visiting it often ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love that you are so God-Centered in your marriage. I recently got engaged in December (getting married in september!) and my fiance and i have been discussing our roles that we have now to each other, and how things will change once we are married.

    Did you have any stumbling blocks when you first got married?


  5. Hi
    We have been married for 2 and half years now. Gosh, i have so much to learn….

    I must admit I do need to submerge myself into Gods word and His direction more. I grew up living in a Hindu family and my mum was the total opposite of being a submissive wife. That is my biggest fear, to end up like her- she is unhappy with her marriage and her children too…nothing pleases her. She has drawn closer to her Hindu gods as I draw closer to God. Now thats another story… ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for this blog and for sharing… I did repentent and also asked my husband to forgive me, more over for God to forgive me. I pray I keep to this and practise submission to God and to my husband.

    God bless you and your family….

    From New Zealand ๐Ÿ™‚


  6. submission day one
    i have submitted to my husband today. my son also was begging us to go back to church today as well. what am i doing! i am a bull headed controlling freak. yet i decided to submit to my husband. why?… he said he is not happy in life and alot of it is because of me and my behavior. we are highschool sweethearts with three kids now, and he decides after 15 years to submit or get out. so here i am day one of being submissive. dont got the god part in yet but i will for my son. i got rid of my cats because my husband hates them. thought that would be a start. and it was. i did the dishes before work instead of making him do it. cause i wont ever tell or make him do anything ever agian. is this right for me??? i dont know. will i break and have a nrevous breakdown? will our lives, our children, and our relationship improve for the best ever. or what…..


  7. I choose to obey and submit even how hard I will be dealing it because I know I am the opposite. By Gods grace, day by day!I repented now. When I read your post, tears flows as if a fire from within me is bursting. But I choose to have a teachable heart, I will obey and take heed to Gods higher calling for me, for His glory sake. Let my heart be willing and obedient O God so that I could harvest the fruit of the land.

    I had a previous relationship but i choose to live a life that is holy and righteous at the sight of God. Now, He chose a husband for me. This is my dealing now, be a submissive wife, we’re not yet married though,but i know this is needed. So, Im starting now so that it will not be hard when that time comes.


  8. to submit might have consequences on the life of other women… I hope you are aware of that…

    I just don’t understand how you cannot see the oppressive nature of all that Christianity does teach you. I don’t understand how women who could do otherwise choose to give up the rights so many other women have fought for and in many parts of the world still fight for or don’t even dare to fight for.
    And I am talking about the most elementary rights, about being a wholesome person without a man.
    That does not mean that man and woman are not supposed to share their lives with each other that they should not support each other, that they should not respect each other… I believe in such MUTUALLY submissive relationships.. Definitely… They are awesome…
    And I think that is what most of the Christian women who decide to submit to these rules are aiming for.
    But what you get is not always what you wish for.


  9. This is like signing a contract, selling your soul and saying.. Well… it doesn’t really mean what’s written there.. You first have to grasp the deeper meaning of it.. No, I don’t..
    If you strive for respecting your husband more.. Than say so…

    This approach of total submission is so destructive.

    It says in the bible, take care of the widows… What better way to take care of widow by not making her dependant on her husbands income only…?! How about making it possible for her to work and to support herself and her children… Pfff. If you take that possibility from a woman, how can she voluntarily submit to her husband? She might in the beginning, likemost young girls in your society probably do, because they have a choice.. they can go to university, they live in a society that has established equal rights for them.. And they ignorantly decide to throw them away…

    And they can do so easily… Because actually they don’t yet have to really give up their rights…
    Other woman have fought hard for the rights of women, so that even ifsome women now decide to live differently, the still have this social umbrella that, if one day they change their mind, they will not be lost in a hostile world like 150 years ago… Therefore, a decision to submit is not so hard to make..

    But what if the woman giving voluntarily up her rights, might change her mind one day?? Today, she she could easily leave her husband. She could file for divorce HERself, she could call the police if he becomes violent, she won’t lose her children after their divorce, nor will she lose all financial support of her former husband if she can’t sufficiently support herself… She most likely will also be able to find jobs to support herself. She will be able to rent an apartment, she will be allowed to have her own bank account (!!) with her own money… She could move to whichever city she would want to move. She would survive.

    How about a woman who is denied all these rights? What does she do after 20 years of marriage? Voluntarily submit herself…? Pff… sure… she would submit… But voluntarily? How can anybody claim that, if there is no attractive (realistic) alternative?

    And yes, I know women say that they are very happy in their marriage and that they don’t need all these rights… But what about the ones who actually are oppressed and who are held hostage in a life that is pure hell to them… Love your neighbour as you love yourself…
    Maybe you could or even should turn that around..
    Love yourself as much as you love your neighbour…

    How naive are you? Do you think the world only revolves around you?!?!

    If you want to keep women out of harmful relationships, if you want your daugthers and grand-daughters to live a life that’s worthwhile than make them strong, make them fight and stand up for what is right and wrong.

    How irresponsable and egocentric is that attitude of yours?!? I honestly just don’t get it… Jesus might preach to offer your left cheek to your enemy… But he definitely does not preach to stand next to a person being hit over and over by their enemies and just watch.. Does he do that? Is that what he wants?

    Take a stand against injustice of any kind! Also against injustice against woman.. Not against yourself, maybe.. You might be treated very well and probably many of your female friends will feel likewise.. but help the ones who might not be so lucky!!! Even if they are not Christian…

    Please take a look over the rim of your teacup… The world is more than just your household and the decisions you make have consequences that go beyond your front yard!!!


  10. And please excuse my poor English… I’m not a native speaker and I was really in anger when writing this post… Therefore there are quite a lot of mistakes that even I can’t see…

    Don’t get me wrong… I can understand your motives to be a submissive wife.. I am just so angry if people don’t understand that they are not only responsible for their own life and the life of their family, but that there are other people in this world, too… :/


  11. Chad has also launched the website and is working hard to get everything functional. This is the ministry that the Lord has laid on both of our hearts.


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