Not so bad day

Just a quick update… my day was ‘not too bad’.

We had a vacation day for homeschool and I was able to do some pleasure reading (and a load of laundry – lol).

Chad got off work a little early and we went to the cemetery to put Grant’s flowers on his grave. We will have to go back soon to do a better cleaning of his lovely marker… over the winter some dirt got caked on the marble part. I cleaned it as well as I could with baby wipes (yep, I’m a mom – lol) but it didn’t look as clean as I like (and YES, I know that it is outside and it not going to be perfect, but I just want it a little better *smile*).

Anyway, it was nice to get things nice at the grave. We talked to Fisher about Grant but I don’t think that he really understands yet. Death is a big concept for a 3 year old but I know in time, he will understand and I think that he will be blessed.

We also went to the hospital to drop off the Stillborn Carebox. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t really get to talk to the nurses a lot this year like we did last year and our “personal” nurses were not working… which was very disappointing but, I know that the box will be a blessing to some family who is going through a loss and that is why we take it.

We also went out to eat since it was getting late. We had a really yummy meal at O’Charley’s and the best part is that kids eat free *smile*.

I am quite tired since I was up rather late last night but I just wanted to post a quick update and to thank everyone for praying for me today. The Lord gave me a peaceful day of remembrance.


One thought on “Not so bad day

  1. I hope to post a ‘real post’ soon but I did want to let ya’ll know why I have not responded to any emails or comments that have been left for me.


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