Internet Issues

Hi all, My internet is not working right now and the wireless card (Verizon) keeps disconnecting me (yuck). Anyway, I hope to post a ‘real post’ soon but I did want to let ya’ll know why I have not responded to any emails or comments that have been left for me. I am hoping that … More Internet Issues


[img align=left][/img]The weather is starting to warm up a bit here in the South. We had a nice day that was around 62 degrees and very sunny. I am so ready for Spring to arrive and all of the lovely things that Spring brings. I was reading tonight and came across a poem that has … More Daffodils

Not so bad day

Just a quick update… my day was ‘not too bad’. We had a vacation day for homeschool and I was able to do some pleasure reading (and a load of laundry – lol). Chad got off work a little early and we went to the cemetery to put Grant’s flowers on his grave. We will … More Not so bad day

Blue Skies

[img align=left][/img]The Lord has given me blue skies today. I woke up this morning with the sun rising, the sky was blue and I could hear birds chirping! It is already such a beautiful day! It looks so different than it did 5 years ago on March 6. That was such a dreary, overcast morning. … More Blue Skies