Braggin’ Rights

Yes, I am a proud momma… and, well, I should be (lol).

I just wanted to brag on my dear sweet Chloe. Last Saturday night, the Bible Quiz Teams at our church had a Quote-A-Thon for all the quizzers (grades 3-12). The kids were quoting so many verses that they didn’t get finished on Saturday and had to finish on Wednesday night. Well, last Saturday, Chloe had quoted 180 verses (from memory and only from Acts). She was in first place with the second place right behind her at 178 verses.

The kids had the opportunity to learn more verses and quote them Wednesday night. Well out of ALL of the kids, my little third grade daughter won.

She quoted 301 VERSES!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!! That is a lot of verses from the book of Acts. She quoted a total of 8 chapters and almost 2 other chapters. All I can say is that this has really challenged me! I have not memorized anything close to this many verses.

When we made the decision earlier this year that Chloe would join the Bible Quiz Team, we had no idea how beneficial it would be. I am so thankful that we chose the BEST over {insert any extracurricular activity here}. I know that most of the other options that are out there (gymnastics, dance, softball, art, soccer, etc) that none could benefit her future the way that Bible Quiz has.

Chloe is learning things that will benefit her for the rest of her life. She is hiding God’s word in her heart (and I think that her heart must be overflowing with those 301 verses – LOL).

For us, Bible Quiz has been all about winning… and by winning, I mean that ANY child can win when they are in the Lord’s word. It doesn’t matter what you “place” in the competition, but if you learn the scripture, then you are most definitely a winner.

There are Bible Quiz Teams all over the country. Most leagues are on the home stretch (our league ends in March) but it might be worth looking into for next year. Also, a lot of churches will not require you to be a member of their church to be on a team but if there are enough kids at your church that are interested, then you could even start you own team and compete in a local league. We actually have one family that drives from Virginia to be in our league so, even if there is not a league near you, it is possible that you could travel a bit if you are willing to.

I really believe that we need to be careful in how we allow our children to spend their time. We need to guide them to use it in ways that will be fruitful rather than allowing them to squander it on pursuits that are not truly worthy. How we guide and train our children today will shape the adults that they will mature into tomorrow.

Have a blessed day,

4 thoughts on “Braggin’ Rights

  1. How did I miss commenting on this?!? That is QUITE an achievement, and you have every right to be rpoud of your daughter. Those verses that she has memorized will be with her for the rest of her life. What a wonderful accomplishment.


  2. I hope to post a ‘real post’ soon but I did want to let ya’ll know why I have not responded to any emails or comments that have been left for me.


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