Surprise Party

[img align=left][/img]Today is the 50th birthday of my MIL. Since she was supposed to work today, my SIL and I planned a little surprise party for her last night. This was no easy task because my MIL always seems to figure out any kind of surprise we plan (like the group portrait of the grandkids that we had made for them for Christmas – lol).

We had our plan all worked out… but then they changed at the last minute because the weather was a bit too yucky… so we enlisted the help of Chloe to get her Grannie out of the house for a few hours… and it worked like a charm (lol). Chloe did GREAT and kept the secret… my MIL was VERY surprised last night.

It was just a small party… kids, grandkids and her brother and nephews from North Carolina (her SIL and niece were working and couldn’t make it). We even thought to hide the cars and the only time that she KNEW *something* was up was when she walked in the back door and saw the balloons and “Happy 50th Birthday” sign… of course she thought it was just me and Chad since the cars there were mine and Chad’s (and she was expecting me and Chad to there to pick Chloe up).

We got home a bit late last night (and the boys got up a bit early this morning – lol) but I think it was a wonderful and memorable evening for all of us.

Even though the party was for my MIL, I think I was just as blessed as she was because I was able to help ‘pull it off’. It truly it more blessed to give than to receive *smile*.

5 thoughts on “Surprise Party

  1. Aww, how thoughtful. I’m sure it was a wonderful blessing to her. It truly is more blessed to give than to receive. It thrills my heart when I am able to catch glimpses of someone’s heart in the expression on their face when I see something has blessed them.
    I hope you have a good weekend and are able to catch up on some sleep. šŸ˜‰

    ~ Christina


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  3. Please pray that we would not try lean upon our own strength and knowledge but that we would seek Him and depend on Him. I know for a fact that He is already in control of the situation but we are unsure of what we are to do next.


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