Christian Homemaking Conference


Have you heard about the Christian Homemaking Conference? I JUST registered for it and I am eagerly waiting for March 17th to arrive.

I have registered as a group leader and I am planning to host a little event at my house. My WONDERFUL dh actually made the suggestion… so if you live near me and want to participate, then shoot me an email. We are going to run our DSL connection directly into the computer in our entertainment center and then it will come out our projector… so we can watch the conference on ‘the big screen’. Also, your whole family is welcome. The husbands can play with the kids outside (or in another part of the house). If each family will bring a dish, then we can have a potluck social during the lunch break.

Perhaps you don’t live near me… then why don’t YOU host an event at your house? It should be lots of fun. The cost is $40 for the group leader (your famly members are included in this) but the cost for the attendee’s is quite lower… only $15!!!! That is a wonderful savings. You could even ask the attendees to chip in on the additional fee you pay (if you want to) so that you don’t have as much expense and to even the cost out a bit.

Also, once the conference is over, you and any of the paying group members are allowed to download a copy of the conference for your personal use!!!! That way, you can listen to it as much as you want.

Sooooo, click on the link above for more info (the speakers are wonderful, BTW) and if you live near me (or think you might), please email me since I would love to include YOU in my group.

*Please note: The link for the conference will stay in the left sidebar… just scroll down to see it.

Have a blessed day,


7 thoughts on “Christian Homemaking Conference

  1. Sounds like a nice time. Too bad I’m likely too far away. I’ll have to go check out the link. Sounds very interesting.

    It was good to hear from you, by the way!

    ~ Christina


  2. I am planning on being there. With K’s work schedule I am not sure about the rest of us… and I have not talked to my mom yet… she is back home packing everything up. But, I am planning on being there 🙂 I am very excited!!!


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  4. Please pray that we would not try lean upon our own strength and knowledge but that we would seek Him and depend on Him. I know for a fact that He is already in control of the situation but we are unsure of what we are to do next.


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