Lady of the House

Ladies, I have had on my mind today the incredible responsible that we have been given at the “Lady of our House”. It doesn’t matter how large or how small our home is, it is the place that the Lord has given us the responsiblity to care for.

It is up to us to make it a clean and inviting place. As “the Lady”, we must be self-starters and disciplined. We don’t have someone telling us exactly what to do and when to do it… that is up to us. If we don’t accomplish everything that we need to do in a given day, then there are often consequences (like staying up late or getting up earlier the next morning). If our children don’t finish a chore, then it is still our responsiblitiy to see that the chore gets completed (or course, there should be consiquences for the child as well).

As the Lady of the House, we need to always be looking out for the needs of our family and anyone who enters the door of our domain. We need to keep a smile on our face and let the love of Christ shine from the inside out.

Each morning, we must make a choice as to how we are going to perform our duties of the day. Let’s make the choice to work, not as unto men, but as unto the Lord. If we see are tasks as doing work that brings glory to Him, it makes the task take on a whole new meaning.

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