Hey, it’s 2007!!!!

[img align=left]http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i234/halos_glow/Blog/HappyNewYearChildrenWithChineseLant.jpg[/img]Ahhh, the first day of a brand new year!!! I love New Years Day. Eveything just seems so fresh and new.

I am sure that many of you make New Year’s resolutions, but I found that they don’t work for me. I do set goals for each new year of my life (on my birthday which is in September) but if there is a change that I need to make in my life, then I try to start right away and not wait for New Years Day.

I do have dreams for this fresh new year. I dream of being more like Jesus, I dream of being healthier, I dream of holding a sweet new baby in my arms (I’m not pregnant btw, this is just s dream – lol), I dream of having my children perfectly obedient 100% of the time and joyfully doing their work, I dream of greeting my husband each day looking like June Cleaver in my fresh apron and dinner coming out of the oven, I dream of laundry that is always clean and where it belongs, I dream of having toys in the bins where they belong instead of stewn about the floor most of the day, I dream of having more time for fun things and I dream of really enjoying the work that I don’t really like.

I will be working towards making my dreams come true, but I know that some of these are quite lofty (such as the children joyfully doing their work and not having too many toys being played with at a time – lol).

I have come to realize that I can accomplish great things or I can accomplish nothing – the choice is really up to me. I must make the decision on how I use my time – and being a wise steward of my time is the only way that I can accomplish anything that I am dreaming of.

Have a blessed evening and a Happy New Year,

Picture: Happy New Year, Children with Chinese Lanterns available from allposters.com


4 thoughts on “Hey, it’s 2007!!!!

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  3. Please pray that we would not try lean upon our own strength and knowledge but that we would seek Him and depend on Him. I know for a fact that He is already in control of the situation but we are unsure of what we are to do next.


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