Using My Time Wisely

[img align=right][/img]My dh and I have been talking a lot this week about how we are using our time. We have found that we are spending more time online than we should be. I am especially guilty of this! There is so much wonderful information out there, that you can literally spend hours reading on … More Using My Time Wisely

ABC News: Be Fruitful…

[img align=left][/img]Have you seen this news broadcast from ABC Nightline? [url=]Nightline: Be Fruitful and Multiply[/url] It is a wonderful representation of what being Quiverfull is all about! I think the only thing I would have liked added is that being Quiverfull is not about how many children you have but that you have given that … More ABC News: Be Fruitful…


I had a couple of unexpected visitors this morning. Around 10:30, two older and nicely dressed gentlemen came to my door. They seemed quite nice and told me that they were Bible students. Oh, how lovely! I wondered what school they were from *smile*. They then asked me if I knew who Jesus was and … More Visitors

Hey, it’s 2007!!!!

[img align=left][/img]Ahhh, the first day of a brand new year!!! I love New Years Day. Eveything just seems so fresh and new. I am sure that many of you make New Year’s resolutions, but I found that they don’t work for me. I do set goals for each new year of my life (on my … More Hey, it’s 2007!!!!