For Wives

[img align=right][/img]I have a desire to grow in the Lord, and well, I am sure that most true Christians do. Since our family doesn’t watch television, it gives us more time to invest our time in other (fruitful) ways. One thing that I have found to be beneficial to my growth is to listen to sermons on various topics. I listened to a sermon last night that was wonderful. It was a “make no bones about it” kind of sermon with refreshing honesty that comes directly from the Holy Scripture.

The pastor is Pastor James Knox who has a church in Florida. He has tons of sermons online and I have really enjoyed the few that I have listened to so far. Anyway, if you have about 45 minutes to invest in your marriage, I would encourage you to really sit down and listen to the sermon below. I have found that I can often listen to sermons while I am cooking dinner or cleaning up after dinner (the kids are normally with DH during the clean up time, so this often works best for me). I actually listened to this one after the kids were in bed and I was ‘unwinding’ for the night.

Pastor Knox makes some really good points about wives winning their lost husbands (as the scripture points out) but it is also the way that wives are supposed to act even if their husbands are already saved. I must admit that Pastor Knox’s sermon really touched me and brought me to tears as I know that I am not always the kind of wife that would win a lost husband to Christ, and I am not always beautiful from the inside out – I have so much growing to do, but day by day as I focus on Him, I know that I can become a woman who glorifies the Lord with her whole being. I want to be so full of Him that others will see the glow and just KNOW that I am a child of God. I want others to desire to be like me, not because I am me, but because I am so much like Christ (yep, I’ve got a loooonnnngggg way to go on that one and I know it will take the rest of my life to even be a smidge like Christ, but that is the goal I must reach for!).

Here is the link: [url=]Pastor Knox’s Sermon for Wives[/url] (I would suggest that you right click the link, and save this to your hard drive. It seems to save rather quickly – then you can listen to it anytime and not have to worry about buffering)

Enjoy and be blessed,


7 thoughts on “For Wives

  1. Hey Dana, thank you for posting this link to this message. I have not had the chance to sit and truely listen to it all the way through however I plan on listening to it while I was dishes today and also I plan on sharing it with my Beloved Husband. Thank you again.


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  3. Hi! Thanks for the sermon link. I would like to check out other sermons he has done. Would you please share the website where I can access other sermons as well?



  4. Aside from our salvation, our children are the most precious gifts that the Lord bestows on parents. We must guard our treasures and work to keep them pure and holy and train them in the ways of the Lord.


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