This time of year…

This time of year, I get lots of questions about Santa Claus and what our view is on the subject. So here goes…

Our family does not celebrate Santa Claus, we celebrate Jesus. I know that this may sound quite extreme to many of you just as it did to me and my dh. About 4 years ago, I was having an awesome time of prayer and worship of the Lord when I REALLY felt Him speaking to me about not ‘doing Santa’. I didn’t understand what the problem was with Santa since we read the Christmas story and went to church on Christmas Eve, said “Merry CHRISTmas”, and other things that showed we honored the birth of Christ. We really enjoyed playing Santa and I didn’t think my dh would agree with me on this.

Well, I approached my dh and our conversation went something like this:

me: Um, Chad, I need to, um, talk to you about, um, something.

dh: okay, what is it?

me: well, um, I was praying this morning, and um, it was really great, well, until, um, I felt the Lord speaking to me about something.


me: Well, it wasn’t what I was praying about, and I am sure that you will think I’m off my rocker but…. um,…. well….. I want you to pray about this before you dismiss it, okay?

dh: You know I pray about everything. What is it? (I can tell he is getting a bit annoyed that I am putting this off – lol).

me: (deep breath)… idontthinkthattheLordwantstodosantaanymore. (deep breath).

dh: What?!? Are you smoking crack? Not do Santa? What is the harm in Santa?

me: Well, I don’t know exactly. That’s why you need to pray about it. I just felt that the Lord was speaking to me about how the focus in on Santa Clause and not on His son.


Dh prayed about this decision for about 3 days – I was quite impatient. Finally, he told me that I was right. He had been praying a lot and suddenly, he was more passionate about this issue than I was. We talked about this a lot and prayed about it even more… after all, how were we going to tell our dd – who had just turned 5 and was in K4? Also, we didn’t know or know of, anyone who didn’t do Santa Claus. We had been raised on Santa and we both knew that this news would upset our family.

We decided that it really didn’t matter who we upset or if we were the only ones around who didn’t celebrate Santa… we were living to please the Lord and man.


Okay, here we are, 4 years later and our children are just fine. They are not warped but they know and understand exactly why we celebrate Christmas – there is not confusion and no lies :0)

Here, in a nutshell, are the reasons that we only celebrate Christ (and in no particular order):

– Honesty – we teach our children to be honest and that it is never okay to lie. If we teach them that Santa is this being that is real but they cannot see, then we go back and say, okay he’s not real… will they not at sometime doubt us when we tell them that God is real but you can’t see Him?

-Focus – Everyone wants to know “What is Santa bringing you?” My kids just politely say, “We only celebrate Jesus.” We don’t get all caught up in something that is going to take our focus off of Christ. Yes, I know that Saint Nicolas was a wonderful godly martr, and our dd (who is the only one to really comprehend this) know all about who he was – and we all think that he would not have wanted his legacy to be one that took the focas off of Jesus.

-Set Apart – we are called to be in the world but not of the world. We are different because we serve a risen Saviour. If others think we are weird or if they want to say ugly things to us.. then we know that we were warned that in God’s Holy Word, that living for Him would result in persecution.

– Honor – We think it is more honoring to the Lord to celebrate the birth of Christ than to some fat guy in a red suit. Santa has replaced Jesus as the “symbol” of Christmas. If you don’t believe, then go into any chain store or mall… how many Santa’s do you see compared to referenced to Jesus or manger scenes? I wonder how long it will be before manger disappear completely?

These are a few reasons that we stopped lying to our children about Santa and playing the fool (lol). I hope if answers your questions about why our family chose this way to celebrate Jesus, but if not, please email me.

Oh, and please don’t leave any nasty, sacrcastic or arguementative comments here – I will use the delete button! This is our family decision and I am well aware of reasons why others do celebrate Santa and I don’t care to have them posted on my blog. Thank you for your understanding.

Have a blessed day,


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