Major Organizing to get ready for the Holidays

[img align=left][/img] Over the summer months, we got a bit lazy and let in *way* more clutter than I realized :0( This weekend, I started to conquer that clutter – lol.

Here are my goals for the end of my little Fall project:
Organized Craft Closet
Organized Dining room closet and Buffet
Organized Ebay area
Family Closet Area for Fall/Winter Season
Stuff sorted and priced for a Yard Sale

I actually have more than this that *needs* to be organized but they are smaller projects that I will tackle as time permits (and I don’t want to overwhelm myself with listing *everything* so I have started with the ones that will make my life more efficient).

I would love to finish this up this week but it may take me about 2 weeks to completely finish it (read: funds needed for some projects – like one of those wire closet organizers for our family closet).

I am going challenge myself to completing 5 of the six listed (the dining room closet and buffet count as one each). That is just ONE area each day – and is a very reachable goal. Anyone want to work on their home this way too, to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas (times when family is sure to be visiting)? If you want to participate, leave me a note and we can motivate each other with what we accomplish.

I am also hoping to find my battery charger so I can take some pics to post (hmmm, could that be lost in my sea of clutter somewhere?). Most of my cleaning/sorting will be done in the afternoon during the boys naptime and in the evening. Since I have a focus, I think I will get lots done and my family will be blessed by my work!


5 thoughts on “Major Organizing to get ready for the Holidays

  1. Ah ha! De-cluttering is on my list of things to do this week as well! This week I hope to:
    De-clutter and organize back bathroom
    Go through mine and kids clothes and take to Goodwill (or save for yard sale) PS Dana I am re-evaluating my wardrobe based on some modesty points that you made in one of your posts
    Organize and de-clutter sewing area
    That’s just three major projects and with five days left in this week, very doable!


  2. Study hard ~ thank the author for sharing, and I have to share one thing: Sony AD-7580S DVD RW Drive, interested friends can look at.


  3. I also try to recite it in my head as I go about the day. I once read about a woman who would memorize long passages of scripture and she would recite them to her children as she tucked


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