Bible Reading

Confession time: I have been a little lax with my Bible reading lately 😦 I finished up reading the Bible (completely) about 2 weeks ago and just hadn’t started back over. Yes, I have been reading my Bible, but not with a focus 🙂

So, I started over yesterday. I was able to read 9 chapters in Genesis (YEAH!) and today I read 16 more chapters (Double YEAH – lol). I hope to finish Genesis up tomorrow. My goal for this next year is to read through the entire Bible at least 2 times this year 🙂

You may be thinking that it is a little late in the year to be starting up – but I don’t follow the calendar year – I follow it by my birthday – and I try to set yearly goals (more about this on another post).

Even though I will be doing my focused reading, I still think that it is very important to read and study other parts of the Bible in depth as directed by the Lord – the focused reading is for fun and for learning.

I learn so much when I am in God’s Word! Every time I re-read a chapter, I seem to notice something that I never did before – new things just seem to click.

Also, I don’t like to go by a schedule that someone else has made up. I prefer to set my own pace but keep my eyes on my goal. Even though I don’t follow a set schedule per se, the way I read and set my goals has been based on ideas from a bunch of others that I have shared what they do and I have adapted it to fit my life.

If anyone would like to share their Bible reading goals or how they go about reading their Bible, I would love to hear about it (and maybe even learn from it!).

Have a blessed evening!


3 thoughts on “Bible Reading

  1. My folks for years read the Bible once every year, together in their devotional time in the mornings. January to December, they completed the full Bible and discussed it.

    Their new church is taking the approach of “don’t rush it.” 🙂 They’re going to be taking three years, this go-round, in reading the entire Bible, spending more time and devoting more study to the scriptures.

    As for me, I once read through the Bible in a year, with a commentary by Lawrence O. Richards. It was GREAT. These days, though, I don’t seek to read it through so often.

    Instead, I read a Psalm, a chapter of Proverbs, study an OT prophet or book of Law, a portion of a Gospel, and sometimes an Epistle five days a week, plus whatever book I’m teaching from. Additionally, I prepare to teach Sunday School each week.

    I guess I haven’t concerned myself so much with “let me do this in a year” so much as I have “what is the whole story God is saying from his word and how do I see him working in me today?”

    I might not always get to Song of Solomon, but I’m okay with that. I have studied it before. I have also studied Numbers, and don’t often go back to reread it, I confess. Deuteronomy is my preference.

    Maybe, someday, I’ll get that Richards commentary back out (hey, I can work on my weight lifting, too, lol) and go through the Bible in a year, with study aids and historical commentary. It is an excellent discipline.


  2. I also try to recite it in my head as I go about the day. I once read about a woman who would memorize long passages of scripture and she would recite them to her children as she tucked


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