Been Awhile

Ah, it’s been a while since I last posted. Life has been… hectic!
I was just sitting here, thinking. My precious baby is fast asleep on my chest. His favorite place to sleep in my arms. Sometimes, this frustrates me (sorry to shatter the illusion that I’m perfect – lol – oh, okay, you ALREADY knew I wasn’t perfect… good LOL).

Anyway, as I was sitting here, enjoying the peacefulness of my little sleeping blessing, it occurred to me that it is really awesome that Josiah’s favorite place to sleep in my arms. He feels so warm, so save, and so loved as he is cuddled up against me. I am so truly blessed!

Shouldn’t our children feel this way with us all the time? Mine don’t always… since I’m not a perfect mother but I really do think that I am improving daily. Well, sometimes I feel like I take two steps forward and 3 steps back but then there are days and weeks when I can really see the changes in me and in my children as we strive to please the Lord.

Anyway, I’m still here… the Lord hasn’t called me home yet. Thank you for those who have emailed me and have been thinking about me and missing me (your kind words and thoughts really did make my day!)

Have a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “Been Awhile

  1. It just really got me to thinking about how Chloe’s future husband (Lord’s will) is out there somewhere… right now. I am praying that his parents have been training him and laying out a firm foundation that is on the Rock.


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