Time at Home

Here is my confession: my house gets messy fast! I have been “on the go” so much lately that I am out of my routine. It feels so defeating and depressing when your home doesn’t look the way that you think that it should.

Today, I am working on getting it back in order. As my reward, I will get to hang my new curtains. YIPPEEE!!!! I am still working on turning my house into a HOME that is warm and inviting.

I think that my most troublesome area is the laundry room. I just realized this week that we have hard water. If I forget about the clothes and they sit in the washer a few hours, they start to smell sour. If I totally forget about them and they sit in the washer overnight…well, then they have to be washed a couple of more times. I have started using Borax with my laundry detergent and that is helping it to smell fresh and clean 🙂

Also, the other reason that the laundry room is a challenge is that sometimes, I won’t have time to hang the clothes up right away and then they get wrinkled. YUCK! Then it takes even more time to either iron or rewash. I just need to re-train myself to keep this area tame!

I find that things are the most neglected in my house when I am “out and about” instead of being a STAY AT HOME mommy. I prefer to have one errand day each week (instead of 5 errand days a week!). This works out great as long as I leave my house nice and clean… then it is that way when I get back home.

I have also been thinking a lot lately about how I can organize my house to make it more user friendly (which will make it easier to keep tidy). Right now, I am just thinking about the different rooms and the activities that go on in there. Then, on paper, I am going to make sure that everything has a home. Once it is planned out on paper, I will know what I need for each room and then I will jump in and get it done.


2 thoughts on “Time at Home

  1. I think you have maped out a great plan for yourslef! I am in the process of writing something up on “The Orderly home” “everything in its place! It really does make life more enjoyable to have things in order and makes for a less stressful day 🙂 I know exactly what you mean about the “staying home” thing too.I dont like runnin the streets, my home will surley pay if I do. I try to get out once maybe twice for errands tops! Enjoy your new curtains! 😀


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