As I said in the previous post, March is not a good month for us. This has already been a hard month for me and now we have more sad news.

On Saturday, Tucker, our Lab, decided to escape the fence and roam around the countryside. This is his third escape (and my dh has worked tirelessly to ‘escape-proof’ proof it but our Tucker has a very strong will).

The other times that Tucker has escaped; he has just gone to the neighbors and then comes back within an hour. Well, it has been days and we have had no sign of him.

We really thought that someone had found him and decided to keep him since he is such a good dog.

At about 10:30 this morning, I had a knock on my door and it was a friend of ours from church (who lives about two miles from us). They had found a dog and wanted to know if it was ours. IT WAS TUCKER!!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!! I WAS SO EXCITED THAT HE WAS FINALLY HOME!!!!!

This was a good thing! I had been praying for him to come home and here he was. The only thing, as my friend tells me, is that he can’t walk. He didn’t know if he had been hit by a car or what (he wasn’t bleeding anywhere though).

So, since our dear Tucker was already in my friendís truck, they took him to the vet and I followed them (with the kiddos of course). The vet had to sedate him and take some x-rays.

My dh and I have to go back this evening to look at the x-rays… and from what the Dr. says, it’s not good. I really think that he is going to have to be put to sleep. I am so sad about this and Chloe is too (and now I crying!). We don’t want him to suffer and it seems that his injuries are pretty bad plus, he has some kind of hip problem that will end up causing him severe arthritis (and pain) and he will eventually be totally lame.

Pets really do become a part of your family. And my heart is just breaking… again. Please say a little prayer for our family as we talk to the doctor this evening.

God Bless!


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