A Week of Sickness

This has been a hard week! Everyone in my family has been sick this week… except me (so far).

Fisher got sick Tuesday night, right before dinner (but PTL that it was before dinner instead of during dinner like it was last time – ICK). He got worse on Wednesday and by Thursday, I had to take him to the DR. His temp was at 103.9 (and I thought his fever had gone done) and all he would do was moan… it was so pitiful and so unlike my very busy 2 year old!

Josiah actually caught a bit of the bug on Wednesday but was pretty much back to normal on Thursday.

Then on Friday night, Chloe started feeling bad. So far she hasn’t been nearly as bad as Fisher but Chloe is feeling much better.

Now, my DH is laying on the couch with this awful virus!!!! I hope I’m not next but it is not looking good 😦

Fisher is still sick (but drinking plenty of fluids).

I feel so worn out! I have washed so many loads of icky soiled clothes that I have lost count! My kids are normally healthy but they got this and it has been going around in area for a while now I think.

The Dr. said that it was the Roto Virus… and it is awful!!!! I had heard of it before but I had never seen the effects of it (not pleasant).

To top this all off, our phone keeps ringing off the hook with family members calling to check on the kids… Hello? but I am trying to take care of them and clean up a 100 messes a day… I can’t talk right now! Maybe I am just weird but when I am sick, I like to be left alone… don’t make a fuss, just ignore that I am dying (really, this is true – LOL). Just take it to our Great Physician ;-D.

Okay, I know that this was not my typical post but I guess sometimes I need to post the bad with the good (and even rant a little – LOL). If you will, please say a quick prayer for my family right now… especially Fisher… poor little fellow. Also, please pray that I stay well since I am the one that has to take care of everyone else.

(Oh, and if there are typo’s in this, please ignore… my brain is mush and I am just going to post it “as is”)

Thank you and have a blessed day!


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