Quiet Time

I was thinking on Sunday about my Quiet Time and how I really need to get back into the habit of getting up before everyone else to spend an hour with the Lord before I start my day. I really do think that this is the best time for me but sometimes my nights get long (like the past two nights… with sick children) and I just can’t drag myself out of bed.

A dear friend emailed me this week asking for prayer as she is struggling with her full schedule and is not having a regular quiet time. Here are some suggestions that I made to her that I have found helpful:

Bible Reading:
1. This is something that I enjoy doing with my children. It blesses me and it blesses them. I just read a chapter or two to them at a time.
2. Reading in Proverbs, just read a chapter a day… the day corresponds with the chapter (for example, today is the 2nd of the month, so I would read Chapter 2).
3. I also like to read a little once the kiddos are in dreamland.

1. I like to “pray without ceasing” all day about what is happening at the moment.
2. I also like to use the boys nap time to spend some much needed time in prayer with the Lord (Chloe also has a quiet time during this time).
3. I also like to STOP and pray right away when someone asks for prayer… it doesn’t matter where I am (I have prayed with the bag boy in the grocery store parking lot!)

Scripture Memorization
1. My dear husband really helps me with this. We memorize one verse a week and we recite it at our nightly family devotional.
2. I read of a mother who would recite her scripture memorization to her children as she was tucking them in at night… they ended up learning the scripture with her and had the Word of God hidden in their hearts from the time they were children.

As mothers, we are at such a busy season of our lives! We will have so much more peace (and better days) if we start it off by focusing on the Lord!


7 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. Hi there! I love the quiet times. It is hard sometimes to get up before everybody, because there are times when you always get up early, that I like to sleep in a bit. I like this article, it reminds me to put things back in perspective. Thank you, Be blessed.


  2. ?This child, who is only 4 years old, I have never met.? Yet this precious child has touched my heart.? The situation has also opened my eyes to more of the evil around me and in the hearts of others.


  3. I am very impressed through your way of presentation in this blog. It shows your creativity.Thanks for sharing Awesome topics.
    I am very impressed through your way of presentation in this blog. It shows your creativity.Thanks for sharing Awesome topics.


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