Luke Warm for Jesus

Why is it that we need to either be hot or cold for Jesus? I find this an interesting question b/c I know that the Lord desires for us to be “on fire” for him. Why would he desire us to be cold if we are not hot? Why is it better to be cold than to be luke-warm?

When we are “hot”, we are living for the Lord, we are growing in Him, we are obeying Him, we just cannot get enough of God. The Lord is our number one focus in life – we are living for Him and we are pointing others to Him.

If we are cold, then others can’t see God in our life because He’s not there (makes sense!). Our lives don’t lead others to the Lord, but it also doesn’t turn them away from the Lord.

If we are luke-warm, then we are confessing with our mouth the He is Lord, but we are not living that way. This is blasphemy! It is taking the name of the Lord in vain. When we live this way, then it turns non-believers away from Christ. Being luke-warm for Jesus is actually the complete opposite of being on fire for Him since the luke-warm Christian is turning others away from the Lord.

In your walk with Christ, you are getting closer to Him or you are getting further away from Him – there is no “standing still”.


3 thoughts on “Luke Warm for Jesus

  1. Hey Dana, thank you for this post about Making Sure you are Not LukeWarm for Jesus. I never want to be Luke Warm or even Cold for Jesus. I want to be Totally on Fire for Jesus.


  2. Makes sense. I never looked at it that way. The reason, I have found, that alot of people don’t want anything to have to do with Christianity is because of hypocrisy, and lukewarmness. It really does seem to do the most harm.


  3. Well, I’ve gotta finish feeding the baby and then get dinner started… we are having breakfast for dinner…mmmm one of my faves!


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