A Peaceful Bedroom

I just wanted to put up a quick post about how much I really like my bedroom. Everytime I walk in, I just can’t help but smile. It just feels… peaceful! There are still some things that I want to do to complete it (like painting my walls purple – hopefully this will get done after Christmas) but it is filled with some things that I love. Also, my bedroom is one of the cleanest rooms in the house. There is not a bunch of clutter – everything has a place. After a long day, it is so nice to be able to retreat to my bedroom and just relax. We don’t have a tv in there and it is very rare that either my husband or I bring in our laptops – we try to keep out distractions. We do have a few books (one being a couples devotional book). We also take our Bibles up there at night so we can read before we go to sleep.

Do you like your bedroom? Is it a peaceful place for just you and dh? If not, why not? What can you do to create a place of rest… to rest? Make a plan and work on it just 15 minutes a day. Start with getting rid of the clutter. Only keep the the things you truly love (this includes the closet too)! You will be so surpised what you can do in just 15 minutes! You say you don’t have 15 minutes, then just 5 minutes! What a blessing this will be to both you and dh!


12 thoughts on “A Peaceful Bedroom

  1. Thank you for the tips on making our Bedroom more peaceful and relaxing for my Dh and I.I would love to make our bedroom more peaceful and relaxing for my Dh and I. I am just not sure in this small Bedroom what I should do first.


  2. For a small bedroom… I would suggest showing as much wall space as possible. One thing that helped us was to move a chest into our closet for our folded things – which also means that you will need to declutter the closet. I have also heard of others having a “family closet” which leave other closets open for storage of things other than clothes. Are there things in your bedroom that could do double duty elsewhere (we have a small desk in our family room that holds our homeschool stuff on the shelves, our laptops on the keyboard try and the top is the changing table (we are getting our $50 bucks worth from this kmart special – LOL). Do you have knick knacks sitting around? If they are just dust collectors and don’t have special meaning, then get rid of it. I have a few VERY special pieces that have kept. I’m not crazy about putting things under the bed – but if you need the storage space you get underbed containers at Dollar General for a couple of bucks. Think about how your dream bedroom would look and then work on it a little at a time (Rome wasn’t built in day, right?) I’ll add more thoughts if any pop in my head!


  3. please pray for me…i need help…been diagnosed with ADD, am an adult. i lost my bedroom. i can barely walk in it. i have 3 huge tubs of all kinds of papers and old christian mags (feel guilty throwing them away), and smaller tubs of papers. please pray for me. i desire cleanliness and organization with the ability to let go of my things and to get rid of them. any advice is appreciated.


  4. p.s. i live with someone, so the bedroom is all i have. i am sure i dont need the wide array of papers and things i seem to hold on to. any idea why i hold on to stuff?


  5. Hi Kat,
    I know how despairing and overwhelming it is to have so much *stuff* – it is suffocating! I think we often hold onto stuff b/c “we might need it one day”. I have learned that anything I need, the Lord will supply (even if it is something that I previously gave away). Well, aside from tax documents, paid in full receipts (like for credit cards) and a few special papers (some – not all – greeting cards or letters), you can most likely toss the rest. With magazines, you have two options: #1 – you can bless someone else with them (a dear friend gave me some Christian magazines a few weeks ago and they have been such a blessing!!!!) and #2 – you can go through them and cut out the articles that you want and put then in a scrapbook. I really think #1 is your best option unless there is something that you will REALLY use again. I also have a tendency to hang onto papers so I have been teaching myself to go through my “deal with later” pile once a week and then again once a month since something that was important to me three weeks ago may be useless now (like expired coupons that you had planned to use). I keep these papers neatly in a small plastic storage box (and small is key :-D. Work on this just 15 minutes a day and once you get you room nice and tidy, then just spend 5-15 minutes per day keeping it that way. You CAN do this and it will be such a blessing! I have prayed for you and want to encourage you to daily go to the Lord, who is the God of order, and He will help you with even this!!! He loves us more than we could ever imagine and He desires to see us succeed at even having a clean home. Have a blessed day!


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