A bit about my week

Nothing exiting has happened this week, but…
Whew, it has been a busy week. I am really trying to get my house organized! We moved 4 months ago and I still don’t feel completely settled. The upstairs is almost completely “box free” – I have two boxes left (really super small boxes) to unpack – guess what is in them… in one is scarves and misc. items from my dresser and the other has some rarely worn jewelry. Oh, and Chad has one box, he’s gotta unpack that one 🙂 That is it. There is still a LOT to do in this house – it is an old farmhouse – around 110 years old). We love it!!! We are planning a yard sale soon – we just have too much junk – LOL. It is easier to organize when you have less stuff to deal with!

I have started a “Blessing List” for Chloe (dd7) again. We did this at the old house and it worked out great. This is really a chore list but we call them blessings because it is a blessing to the family. She is also going to start getting an allowance. She has already proven that she is responsible with money given to her, so now she will get to earn some 🙂 She is already such a big help!


2 thoughts on “A bit about my week

  1. Hey, this is just a fun little post that I thought you would find cute (I am working on a serious one that should be up tomorrow).


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