Are strangers having sex in your home?

What do you allow into your home? Do you allow strangers to have sex or make-out in your living room or bedroom? How do your visitors dress? Do they walk around scantily clad or even in their underwear? What kind of language do they use? Do they take the Lord’s name in vain? Do you allow adulterous affairs and attitudes of greed and hate in your home? Do your visitors do all of this in front of you and your children?

I am sure you are appalled that I would ask such questions! You are a Christian and you would never allow someone to come into your home and do such things! My next question is this: Do you have a television that is connected to any broadcast network whether it be local, cable or satellite? If you answer “yes”, then you have invited these visitors in your home. Maybe you don’t watch TV – only movies. Then I ask you what kind of content is in the movies you watch? I can safely say that the majority of movies that come out of Hollywood are not appropriate to watch! These visitors are on the TV and they are coming into your home through the television.

Most people would never let some stranger in their home and engage in the above activities but they don’t realize that when they flip the TV on, they are allowing this in their home. Our homes need to be a sanctuary, a place of refuge for our family that is “out of this world”, this sinful and hostile world.

Our homes need to be filled with the love of the Lord and with His peace. It’s time to turn off the old telly and saturate your time with more worthwhile endeavors. Instead of watching television, you could: play with your kids, cuddle with your husband, read the Bible, call someone and just tell them you love them… You will be surprised at how much your family can connect with each other and to the Lord when you make it a priority and you leave the world outside.


5 thoughts on “Are strangers having sex in your home?

  1. I have seen some good programming (like preaching – but you even have to very careful when watching preaching because a lot of those “televangelists” (sp) are leading people away from the Truth). Most “quality” programming is not quality (and those commercials – they are often worse). One question to ask is “If Jesus were physcially sitting here, would He be able to watch it?” Remember, Jesus never sinned. If you view a particular show, will it cause you to sin; will it draw you closer to the Lord or will it push you further away from Him? Just something to think about.


  2. Hey, this is just a fun little post that I thought you would find cute (I am working on a serious one that should be up tomorrow).


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