Did you take it?

Yesterday I posted a link for a personality test. Did you take it? What did it say about your personality? Do you think that you are honoring the Lord with your personality?

It would be such a boring world if our personalities were all the same. Our personality is what makes us… well, who we are. Our personalities also speak volumes about who we serve… is it God or ourselves? As Christians, even with different personalities, we should still have some of the same characteristics.

I have a tendency to “talk too much” as was indicated by my test that posted. You know what that tells me? It tells me that I need to listen more. Not only to others, but also to God. I need to take the time to listen to that “still small voice”. When I am in talk mode, it does center around the Lord a lot. I love to share what He is teaching me! I am also always asking my dh lots of questions about things I learn from the Word (btw, my husband sooo awesome!!!! He is such a wonderful godly man – and I do tell him to his face how I feel about him… men to hear love and appreciation from their wives–smile), so sometimes, my “constant chatter” is helping me to grow in Him.

Our personalities need to reflect the characteristics of Christ and the fruit of the Spirit. Do you think Jesus talked too much (I am picking on myself here)? No, he also listened (just like He still does). Do you think that our Lord was always complaining about things? No, he was too focused on the Father and His work (remember the Great Commission – we have work too).

Take a few minutes to examine the way you act and re-act. Are there things that you do or say that is dishonoring to the Lord? If you have wronged someone with your words or actions, then tell them you were wrong and say to them “Will you forgive me” (that is so much harder to say than just mumbling a half-hearted I’m sorry).

Everyday we need to make an effort to glorify the Lord with our personality. If you are having a bad day and NOTHING is going right and someone asks you how you are doing, what should you say? I choose to give a big smile and tell them, “I am so blessed”. And that is the truth. No matter what is going on or what is going wrong we are still blessed. We have a God who loves us so much that he willingly sent His Son to die on a cross, as the sacrificial spotless lamb, to pay the price for our sins, so that we can have an eternity with Him in Heaven.



One thought on “Did you take it?

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