Just for fun

Well, I admit it.† I just couldn’t help myself.† There I was draining my noodles in the sink as I was preparing dinner.† They were really hot so I was using the sprayer to rinse them with cold water.† Well… Chad and Chloe were about 1 foot away from me and I spayed them.† They were shocked and in my most serious voice and with my most serious face, I asked, "Oh, did I spray you?† Oh my!", then I sprayed them again.† We all burst out laughing and of course, my strong dh, not to let me get the best of him, took the sprayer away from me and gave me a dose of my own medicine.† We just laughed and then sprayed Fisher as he walked over.† He laughed too. He is only 21 months old but he already knows that his family is fun and silly. I cleaned up the mess in less than 30 seconds (it was just a little water) but we made a fun memory that will last a lot longer!

When was the last time you laughed with your children?† Are they ever blessed with seeing you light-hearted and carefree?† Children need laughter and happiness to grow (emotionally anyway).† Tomorrow is Saturday, go do something fun and silly with your kids.† Hey, pull a little harmless prank on them† – kids love that.† Oh, and let me know what you do, I might just have to do the same with my beloved family.

Your Questions Answered:

Question:† I have a question for you. In regards to raising and caring for children, should the husband have a say in those areas?"

My Response:† First let me say that women are the "keepers of the home" and the Lord has given her the responsibility to care for the children (and hubby of course).† The mother is the "nurturer".† Does this mean that it is all up to the mother to raise and care for the children?† No way!† It is very important for the father to have a role in caring for and raising the children.† The father†is a very important to the children.† Here’s a few ways:† He is to teach his sons how to be a godly husband and father.† He is to be an example to his daughters of what to look for in a husband.† Not only that, but we have a wonderful, loving, caring Heavenly Father.† How much more your children will understand the Father’s love when the see your love!


One thought on “Just for fun

  1. people I want to do this: Okay, I donít know if many people/bloggers look at my site but if you do and you want to do this, leave a comment for me. If you donít have a blog, feel free to answer in the comment section too.


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