ahhh… sweet submission

I wanted to post a little blog to wives about the "s" word!  You got it!!! Submission.  No, it is not the "four" letter word that our society makes it out to be (in fact, I homeschool and I know that it is actually an 11 letter…no, 8 letter…wait… it’s a 10 letter word, yeah, that’s it!  I am a great teacher, btw – LOL)


When I first married

Chad, a whopping 8.5 years ago, I was anything but the submissive wife.  In fact, I prided myself on NOT being controlled by a man!  This was the model of a wife that we had both been taught growing up and by the media.  I didn’t submit to anyone but myself. 


Boy, have things changed since then… and I am glad.  I was always so stressed out. Things never seemed to go the way I wanted.  Well, that is because I was trying to follow my own plan instead of the fool-proof plan that God has laid out for us in His word!


When we live our lives according to what the Lord says, things always work out! 


Now, maybe you feel like you HAVE to lead because your husband just won’t lead.  I felt that way to (remember, we were both raised in homes where the wife was the leader).  I realized that

Chad wasn’t leading because I wouldn’t let him.  I had to step back and give over that control to him.  I had to repent to God and my husband for my sin.  Oh, how merciful and great our God is!!! 

Chad is such a wonderful husband and an awesome godly leader!!! I would be really missing out if I had not stepped aside so he could take his rightful place as head of our home!


The first step to submission is prayer.  Simple, huh?  Just talk to God about it.  You know what; He will help you to be submissive because it is His will for you to be submissive (to your own husbands)!  When you stand before a Holy and Just God on the Day of Judgment, He won’t judge you for how you led your family, He will judge you on how you were submissive to your husband.  Will the Lord be pleased?

8 thoughts on “ahhh… sweet submission

  1. During our divorce I asked my ex-wife, “Did I ever ask you to sin?” As long as he doesn’t ask you to sin, why not do what he asks? I slept on the couch for the last 3 years of our “marriage”. It wasn’t a marriage, it was hell on earth.

    I have a question for you. In regards to raising and caring for children, should the husband have a say in those areas?


  2. This is good reading! Thank you for sharing! Check out “I Am…Woman?” It is basically the story you have told here, but in different form. Many women like us, who always thought we were just “born leaders,” are beginning to realize that God is a God of order and a woman leading her husband is simply NOT part of His order! And, yes, submission is truly sweet! It didn’t seem so at first. I confess that I fought it tooth and nail and really searched the scriptures for justification. Life just keeps getting richer!



  3. I must agree with you as well. I too was raised in a family like yours. I have been a Christian longer than my husband and I just assumed that since he didn’t seem comfortable in the leadership role that I would just take over!

    Man God is Good! He changed the desire of my heart and showed me that Godly submission is so much better than doing it my way. Now my hubby still struggles but I just step back, ask God to strengthen him and allow him to lead.

    Mike,,, I think the children should be BOTH parents responsibility. You helped make them and you should be allowed to help decide what is best for them including disapline. I would never want all that dumped on me. I believe we are to be one unit as parents and guide our children together into adulthood with a firm foundation in Chirst!


  4. I am so fighting this submission word and I don’t know why. I have been a Christian for 21 years now and my marriage is falling apart. I feel like I am doing everything wrong……help. 😥


  5. AHHH…I like it. I don’t hear to many people on LWC that have your perspective. I am glad God is guiding you His way. You may go to my blog, there may be some links that you will enjoy (especially under ‘blogs for women’).

    Jodi, (this will be to the point) the only thing that will help you is for you to read and follow the Word of God (to understand God’s Word means that we obey all of it) and be in constant prayer asking help from the only One who can help.


  6. people I want to do this: Okay, I dont know if many people/bloggers look at my site but if you do and you want to do this, leave a comment for me. If you dont have a blog, feel free to answer in the comment section too.


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