Dress for Success

Okay, this post is about dressing for success.† Now,†the success that I’m talking about is not success that is measured by monetary gains but in your growth and walk with Christ.† Is your appearance honoring to the Lord?† Please understand that this doesn’t mean that you spend hours focusing on your appearance.† It doesn’t mean that you must wear name brand clothing.† What it does mean is that you are well groomed and modestly dressed.

The Lord has really been dealing me the last couple of weeks about how I dress.† If asked three weeks ago if I dressed in a modest manner, I would have said "Yes".† I don’t wear mini skirts or low cut blouses – those are immodest.† What the Lord has been laying on my heart is that modesty is MORE.† Are my clothes too tight?† What about the pants I wear?† Do the clothes I wear draw attention to my face or to the areas of my body that make me a woman?† Also, you have to take your movement into consideration.† When you bend over, does it make your skirt too short or your pants stretch across your rear or your shirt too loose at the top?† What about the armholes of your shirt, when you raise your arms, can you see in the armholes?

These are just a few of the questions that I have had to ask myself about the way I dress.† I have been searching God’s word and reading articles about modest dress.† I want to please the Lord with my dress but what does that mean?† Does that mean that wearing pants is a sin?† Right now, I don’t think that wearing pants is a sin and that women should only wear dresses because men wear pants.† The reason behind this thought is that in past times, men have worn robes and kilts (these look like skirts), they have even worn stockings during some eras.†

I have come to the conclusion that the most modest thing you can wear, as a woman, is a long dress or long skirt and modest top.† The only caution with the skirt and top is that the top is long enough to cover your back if you bend over so that you don’t expose skin (or you could wear a body suit or long tank top under your shirt).† The reason I think that dresses are the most modest attire is that they don’t show off your form the way that pants do.† Pants, even baggy pants, can easily show off your "form" if you are bending over.

I read a really good article about modesty.† It is about David and Bathsheba and how Bathsheba’s sin was a sin of ignorance (she didn’t know that David was watching her bathe) but it was one that could have been prevented if she had taken a few precautions.† It was Bathsheba’s sin that set the whole ugly situation off with David (David committed adultery and murder b/c of this "sin of ignorance").† If you would like to read the article, I read it on this site:† http://www.manymcdaniels.com/bathsheba.html

I will try to post a list of other articles that I have found helpful in regards to modesty.† I will post them in the menu†as I find them (menu instructions were posted yesterday – I haven’t had time to find out how to fix it yet).

Tomorrow,†I will write a little about how wives are to encourage their husbands.

Have a blessed night!

22 thoughts on “Dress for Success

  1. Thank you Dana, for talking about Dress for Success as well as the link to the website talking about the Sin of Bath-sheba. I also want to keep myself in check to make sure I am not drawing any unmodest glances my way. I want to be modestly dressed.


  2. Thank you for being so unrealistic in the topic of this. also, thanks for only allowing the ones that totally buy into this to have their comments viewed..The Bible is full of stories with both sides equally stated…David was suppose to be with his men while they were in battle but maybe that part of history was left out.. Or the fact that bathing on the rooftop was an ordinary act in those days..Heaven forbid, we have a man be held accountable for lust…I am a Christian and am also a children’s author and speaker…All I can say is I thank God for giving me grace, love and compassion and not a legalistic view of those around me..Christ died while WE were sinners so before we go around making legalistic/unrealistic demands on the world, remember faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love…Instead of imploding we should be candles of His love burning to a world in need, not voicing what someone’s perception of modesty is…i wear pants and real clothes and am very modest….but suit your self if you want to be in a victorian era while the world continues moving forward..


  3. one of the great things about Christianity today is that we can hold a tremendous amount of differing views. some see those views as more cut and dried than others, but at the end of the day very little matters except an all encompassing love of Christ and each other.

    much love,



  4. Hello Hannah,
    It seems as if you have not completely understood my post or read any of my other entries. I do not hold the world or anyone else to legalistic standards. My blog is a place for me to share what the Lord has convicted me of. I also know that He hasn’t convicted everyone of same things at the same time. If you are upset by my post, then I would suggest that you simply read someone else’s blog. I have never stated that anyone who wears pants is immodest or not a Christian, just simply that I feel that I am more modest in dresses/skirts rather than pants. Also, I would never expect anyone who is not a Christian to be concerned about honoring Christ by modest dress. This post was not a post for “the world” and I agree that we must love everyone as they are and show them the love of Christ.

    If you have questions or would like to discuss this further, I will be happy to communicate with you through email. My email addy is in the upper left hand column (“Email Me”).

    Your first post was deleted because of the tone it conveyed, not because you disagreed with me.



  5. I thought this was a wonderful post, Dana. I started wearing dresses/skirts under, what I felt at the time, was conviction of the Lord … right now I’m not sure if that was conviction or if I was just following the pack, so to speak. It didn’t last long though … and I went back to pants. Here I am, over a year later, and I have been convicted of wearing pants. I am in the process of making mine and our daughter’s jeans into skirts … and I was recently able to buy 2 dresses. Found out I LOVE dresses!! I feel so pretty and feminine in a dress … more so than when i wore jeans. That’s just me — I know not all Christian women feel that way.

    Anyway. I’m rambling. I just wanted to say, again, that this was a wonderful post. Blessings!


  6. i replied because as christians we are to challenge each other as iron sharpens iron..also it had more to do with the sin of Bathsheeba and letting David not be held accountable..With the blogs, if we simply ask someone to read someone else’s and choose to ignore their comment than we shouldnt put it out there in the first place. We are suppose to give an answer to those put before us in love and compassion. Growing up in a home which is similar to the wearing only dresses and such reminds me of a very outward goal instead of looking at the heart….though, it is not directly stated that others are not forced to dress like that; the message implied is if you are not dressed in this manner than it is not okay….We should be able and willing to listen to those who make comments and state their concerns without being condemning to those responses. Hannah Grace


  7. Hi Hannah,
    In regards to David and Bathsheeba I am not at all saying that David should not be held accountable for his sin of lust. He sinned. However, I cannot tell you the number of times I have seen “Christian” women dressed in a way that exposes their body and they say that no one has any business looking at them in a lustful manner. In that situation, the woman is being a stumbling block to her Christian brother and her actions (and heart) are sinful.

    I have been wearing modest dresses/skirts for about 2 1/2 years. I don’t believe that someone should change their dress to fit in with a certain crowd (in fact, when I started wearing only dresses, I didn’t know anyone else who was convicted in this area) but that it should be by the Lord’s leading and to please Him and not man. It is the way I chose to dress because that is my conviction. If I didn’t, then I would be in rebellion to God (notice the first person in this sentence *smile*). Also, I am not a legalist in regards to wearing pants. Are there times when pants are more modest? YES!!! I wore blue jeans one night to help my husband repair a fence that our horse had damaged (it would not have been comfortable or modest to straddle a barbed wire fence – ouch!). My daughter will sometimes wear overalls when she is helping her daddy get our field ready for farming. Even though there are occasions when we wear pants, it is at our home and when we have been doing a chore in which a skirt/dress would not be as modest.

    I am sorry if you felt my previous comment was condemning – I certainly didn’t mean for it to be. You are welcome to read/comment on my blog and I hope continue to visit. I am really not so bad once you get to know me *smile*.

    Also, you are more than welcome to personally email if I have not answered you questions or if you have more.



  8. Eugene,
    I am glad that you enjoyed this post. Thank you for your encouraging words.

    Thank you :0). I agree that you shouldn’t make a change just becuase it is something that someone else is doing – the Lord looks at our heart of obedience and is pleased with it, not with our outward appearances (meaning that we are ‘playing the part’ of a Christian but really have a rebellious heart).

    I do believe that the Lord can use others to convict us but we will feel the prompting of the Holy Spirit. In all things, we must be like the Bereans and search the scripture to see what His word says.

    I also LOVE wearing dresses. It was really weird at first (I felt so “free” – lol) but now I really do feel like a lady. As a bonus, I am treated more like a lady when I go out :0)



  9. Let me add a couple of historical facts..People bathed on rooftops, it was a natural thing to do. David should have been with his men while at war. Alos, when Nathan confronts David, it is made clear that David is the one who sinned becuase you couldnt go against the king..Bathsheeba also had to be thinking if she didnt follow his orders or desires that he could also have her husband killed..It is not like today where you can legally get a divorce..I do understand women and clothes, probably much more so than you think. I am modest and always have been but that didnt stop the attack…(I was a victim of a violent crime and I was always very modest. and still am very modest)We, as women, and the church should be teaching abstinance and such for boys not just purity balls for girls…There is still this doublestandard when it comes to that topic…Even the giving girls birthcontrol pills only encourages in my mind, an easier way for a man to pursue a woman sexually without thinking of marriage-this is where our country is spiriling downward…yes, churches should teach young ladies or teens that how they dress can give a man a wrong thought of them…whoever you date will be someone’s wife or husband so dont behave in a manner that will cause them or you regret.Hannah Grace


  10. Hello Dana,
    I just came across your blog. I love this artical. Thank you much for sharing. I have just started wearing dresses and skirts for the Lord.
    When I first became a christian The Lord convicted me of how I dressed so I started wearing only pants and tee shirts. It wasn’t until just resently that I have changed my whole wordrobe. I have really been digging in on what it means to be submissive to your husband and the way I dress is most certainly apart of that. Dut. 22:5 says putting on a mans garment and a man putting on a womens garment is detestable to the Lord your God. That is were the conviction came in my mind. I am thankful that others are in the same boat I am in. Not many women in my church dress like me now but its an individual walk. I am just happy to be obediant. Thank you for sharing sister.


  11. I am so glad that there are others out there who are convicted as I am. I started wearing dresses/skirts about a month ago. I really enjoy it. My husband treats me more like a woman as a result. He is not a christian, YET! But he notices my modesty as an obedient act to the lord and a show of my respect and submission to him. If more women would do this, marriages may improve. I understand that everyone must follow their own heart, but for those of you who do not agree, please do not be so hateful. After-all, is it harming you in some way? Does it affect your day? I didn’t think so. Therefore, lets not disagree but come together as Christian women and let the LORD lead out homes. Not the WORLD!


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  16. There are so many different visions to dress for success. I wouldn’t know where to start. I guess I’m just confused about what’s the best thing to do. We should love our bodies and the clothes are a form of expression.


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